Carpet Installation Prices

carpet in a modern living room We want to update the floors in our living room (currently its an old, worn-out carpet), and went to a bunch of different flooring shops and showrooms to check out our options and prices.

We are debating between installing a new carpet or going for a hardwood floor.

In all the stores we visited, we heard the same story: “while everyone loves hardwood, carpet is what actually sells.”

The A.J. Rose Carpets & Flooring showroom we visited is over 70,000 sq.ft. and over 75% of the floor space is taken up by carpet displays. According to the store manager, about 80% of their sales is carpet!

Today, carpet flooring is available in wide range of materials and literally countless color and design patterns.

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Cost to Convert a Tub into a Walk-in Shower

Small Bathroom with a Walk-in Shower Lack of space in the bathroom is an annoying issue in most apartments.

One way to create more space is to replace the tub with a walk-in shower.

This is a major renovation project, and cost is a huge consideration; installation and material prices start at $2,500 and can go as high as $15,000 or more.

Despite the high cost, this is one of the most popular bathroom remodel projects.

Installing a walk-in shower can transform your small bathroom into a modern space with a luxury look and feel.

How Much Does It Cost to Convert a Tub Into a Walk-in Shower?

There are many factors that impact the total cost to convert a tub to a walk-in shower.

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Cost to Install a Bathroom Fan

Bathroom Fan Installation If your bathroom does not have good ventilation, its at risk for mold buildup, unpleasant odors, peeling paint and slow deterioration from water infiltration.

When its not possible to add a window, the best option is to install an exhaust fan.

This fan is designed to remove excessive moisture and will keep your bathroom nice and dry.

There are many designs and styles available, so you can select a device that best suits your needs.

We have collected the average costs to install an exhaust fan, to help you budget for this project.

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Exhaust Fan?

If your bathroom has never had an exhaust fan,

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Ceiling Repair Cost for 2016

Ceiling RepairIf the ceiling in your apartment is cracked, paint is chipping, or there is water damage, its time to repair it!

If you see a problem, its best to fix it as soon as possible.

Often, what appears to be a minor cosmetic problem can actually be an indicator of structural damage, and you will end up spending a lot more than if you would have called in a professional right away.

We will break down average ceiling repair costs, as well as the most common problems.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Ceiling?

The average cost to repair a ceiling is between $450-1,500,

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7 Tile Design Tips for a Small Bathroom

Bright Bathroom Tile 1If you want to transform the look and feel of your small bathroom, tile can do the trick!

With endless size, color and texture options, different tile materials offer a world of design possibilities.

Use it on your walls or floor, as a backsplash over the vanity, an accent wall, or all of these together.

No worries, tile will not break your bank, as there are materials, such as ceramic and porcelain that are budget-friendly.

Here are 7 Tile Design Tips to help you start planning your remodel.

How Much Does Tile Cost?

Before getting into the design aspect, its important to set a budget that works for you.

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Window Replacement Costs for 2016

Large Living Room WindowsAre you thinking of replacing old windows in your apartment?

Not only will new windows add greater aesthetic appeal to your space, they will also help keep your home better insulated from the temperature fluctuations outside.

This means increased comfort, improved energy efficiency and hundreds of dollars of savings on heating and cooling costs in your pocket.

The cost of new windows varies greatly and depends on numerous factors.

To help you budget, we collected up to date replacement costs for the most popular window types and materials.

How much does it cost to install new windows?

On average, you can expect to spend between $300-800 for each window.

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Interior Painting Cost for 2016

Light Sage Wall Color in a Small Dining Room One of the quickest and inexpensive ways to update the look of your entire apartment is to give it a fresh coat of paint.

New paint can produce dramatic results, taking your home from drab to glam.

This is a fairly quick and easy project that you can either do yourself or hire a contractor.

So how much will it cost?

We compiled the latest contractor labor and materials pricing for interior painting, along with the cost of going DIY.

Average Cost to Paint an Apartment

Living Room Painting Ideas

The cost of professional interior painting varies greatly and depends on a number of factors that we will discuss below.

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7 Eco-Friendly Flooring Options For Your Apartment

Reclaimed Oak Flooring in a Formal Dining RoomDoes your apartment have really old floors that you want to replace?

If in addition to comfort and style, you also care about the environmental footprint of your floors, there are a number of great materials to choose from.

We review 7 of the most eco-friendly flooring materials that are ideal for apartments, along with their costs, pros & cons and room placement suggestions.

Lets take a look at: 1. FSC Certified Hardwood Floors 2. Tile Flooring 3. Reclaimed Wood Floors 4. Bamboo Flooring 5. Cork Flooring 6. Ceramic Wood Floors 7. Cement Flooring

1. FSC Certified Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Flooring in a Modern Apartment

Do you love the charming beauty and warm feel of classic hardwood flooring,

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Small Modern KitchenAre you thinking of replacing the dated cabinets in your kitchen?

Because there are so many options to choose from, determining the total cost can be tricky.

One important thing to consider is whether you are planning to live in your apartment for at least 5 years. In this case, invest into creating your dream kitchen. However, if you are planning to sell in the near future, make updates that will be visually appealing to a wide audience, without breaking the bank.

To help you plan your budget, we have collected the average costs for the most popular kitchen cabinet projects.

How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Small Kitchen with White Cabinets

If you are doing a complete kitchen remodel,