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The hazards of hiring an unlicensed handyman

If you’re planning a renovation, such as an updated bathroom or finished basement, you’re going to require a contractor. Oftentimes, an experienced friend or family member will respond that he is a handyman, and can do the work for a fraction of what a company would charge. The possibility of saving money, and still getting high-quality work is awfully tempting, but is saving money worth the risk? No – and, this determination has nothing … [Continue Reading]

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13 Clever Hacks for Things You Thought Were Trash

Wait, don't bin that without giving it a second look. That thing you consider trash can actually be the base you need to perform a clever and useful hack. Don't believe in this possibility? Check these 13 tips. 1. Turn bread tags into cord labels Use the tags from your used bread bags to create useful cord labels. It will make your life so much easier... 2. Soap container for a guy's bathroom All you need is an empty bottle of whisky … [Continue Reading]

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Revive your apartment in four easy steps

It is 2014, and the best way to ring in the new-year is with a change of scenery (and by scenery we mean home décor, although taking a vacation sounds nice too!). Redecorating your space is a great way to start the year on a high note, but such a transformation is traditionally not a cheap endeavor. If you don’t have oodles of cash to throw down for new furniture and décor in your local Pier One, then Do-It-Yourself projects may be the way … [Continue Reading]

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Ideas for Extending Your Kitchen

Lately, there has been a rising demand for open-plan kitchen diners as more homeowners seek a change from formal dining rooms and separate cramped kitchens. This increasing preference for a combined kitchen and dining area is fueled by a need for a more laid-back family space. The kitchen diner is rapidly becoming the new heart of the home, allowing families to cook and eat together or entertain guests whenever they wish. Children can also use … [Continue Reading]

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12 Indoor Plants You Can’t Kill

Do you love plants, but can't seem to master the art of survival? Well, we are obviously talking about the survival of the plants, not yours. If the answer is 'yes', then read this. Keeping a plant alive for a long period of time can be a hard task, especially if you live in an apartment. Nevertheless, if you love a pop of green in your shack, one of these 12 highly resistant indoor plants can be your little miracle of 2014. 1. Sanserveria … [Continue Reading]

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12 Strangest Objects You Can Turn into Apartment Furniture

Some DIY projects are "obvious". You can obviously change the colour of that table you like so much, for instance. However, there are other DIY projects that are a bit more original and unexpected. Here are 12 examples. 1. Wine bottles Your used wine bottles can have a second life as part of an original chandelier. 2. British telephone box This one - turning a traditional British telephone box into a sofa - is not exactly easy to do … [Continue Reading]


A visual guide to converting your loft [Infographic]

Keen on upping your home's size and value? Consider converting your loft. With the existing walls, floor and ceiling, you already have the basics in place. Check out the infographic below as it will take you through everything you need to know in order to successfully convert all that empty space. … [Continue Reading]

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A visual guide to converting your loft [Infographic]

Keen on upping your home's size and value? Consider converting your loft. With the existing walls, floor and ceiling, you already have the basics in place. … [Continue Reading]

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kb homes - how a smart home will change meal time

KB Homes – How A Smart Home Will Change MealTime [Infographic]

Source: KB Home put together a great infographic that will show you how a smart home will revolutionize your mealtimes. You will be surprised. Just imagine this: you had a tough day at work and … [Continue Reading]

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Hot off the Press – A Brief History of Heating

Monty Python’s hilarious and controversial 1979 film The Life of Brian contains any number of seminal scenes, being as it is one of the greatest comedy films ever made. Set in the Judea of the Roman Empire … [Continue Reading]

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Ways to make your apartment as cozy as a house

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to live in apartments instead of houses, and although each home has its own pros and cons there are many ways for the apartment dwellers to overcome some of the … [Continue Reading]

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