10 Strange Looking yet Awesome Home Flooring

3. Leather Belt Flooring

Leather Belt Flooring

You have never seen anything like this before! This floor is made from leather belts! It’s so unique and creative and it will give the room rich and luxurious look.


4. Glass Floor

Glass Floor

If you’re lucky enough to live over a creek, then you have to have glass flooring! It is always weird to walk on glass, but you have to admit that this looks amazing!

14 thoughts on “10 Strange Looking yet Awesome Home Flooring

  1. Phill

    Love pretty much all of them. Coin one is my favourite.
    However, I love the Roman Mosaic floors. Love to make one when I buy my own house.

  2. anonymous

    Most of these are tacky and seem to get really old after a week sorry but no thanks, a penny floor? wtf are these people thinking


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