10 Tips How To Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

So you need some tips to make your apartment look bigger? Well, you are at the right place because here comes few awesome ideas to help you with this decorating challenge.

1. Big Windows
Big Windows

This is the best way to make your space look bigger. With a large windows, outside world would seem like a part of your apartment. Also, it will give lots of light to the room. Leave them uncovered to give a room more depth.


2. Mirrors Mirrors Mirrors
Mirrors Mirrors Mirrors

Not everyone is able to install large windows in their apartment. Well, you can use mirrors instead of the windows for the same purpose. Mirrors will make any room look bigger. The best way is to place them across from a window.


3. Lamps Instead Of Chandeliers
Lamps Instead Of Chandelier

To make your place look bigger, try using lamps instead of chandeliers. Lamps will open up your room.


4. Minimalistic furniture
Minimalistic Furniture

If you’re still choosing furniture for your small apartment, start looking at minimalistic one. Simple and neat furniture will make your space look bigger and it will give the room a clean and uncluttered look.


5. Radiators

Painting radiators in the same colour as the walls will make a small room look tidier and bigger. That will work because nothing will interrupt visual movement throughout the space. You can do this with bookcases too.


6. Wallpaper on the Ceiling
Wallpaper on the Ceiling

You can put a wallpaper on the ceiling or paint it in a different colour than rest of the room. Anything that draws the eye upwards makes a room look bigger than it actually is. You can also accomplish this by hanging bookshelves near the ceiling.


7. Stripes

Use striped rug to make your room look longer. Oh yes, this works well not only with clothes, but with your apartment too.


8. Furniture With Legs
Furniture With Legs

Furniture pieces with exposed legs are perfect for small spaces. This will open up the area visually by seeing more floor surface. Any room will look more spacious!


9. Glass Shower Doors
Glass Shower Doors

Using glass shower doors instead of fabric curtains will make your bathroom much larger. Glass shower doors allow visual access to the whole room and that will make it seem bigger.


10. Same Colour Tone
Same Colour Tone

If your bathroom is just too small, try keeping everything in it the same colour. If you have dark tiles and light walls it will just make your space visually smaller.


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