11 Awesome Home Office Ideas for Small Apartments

Fitting a home office into a small apartment can seem like an impossible thing to do. But, if you think that, you can’t be more wrong. Just look at these awesome ideas for home offices. You will definitely find something that you like!

1. Under The Bed

Under The Bed

If you don’t have anywhere to put your office desk in your small apartment, then this will be the perfect solution for you. All you need is a loft bed and you can put your office desk underneath it.

2. Hanging Laptop Organizer / Computer Desk

Hanging Computer Desk

Perfect idea for a small apartment is a hanging work station! You can put it anywhere in the apartment, where ever you have some free space.

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2 thoughts on “11 Awesome Home Office Ideas for Small Apartments

  1. kerensab

    Very pretty, but completely impractical. Not a single printer in sight. No office supplies. Back up hard drives. Monitors.. Power outlets… Cords…you know, the things every office has.

  2. Jason

    These are all nice ideas, but I want a desk that looks like the snoopy photo in no. 8 when not in use. I want to find one that folds down and turns invisible when put away. One I can insert into wall just like a flush mount medicine cabinet.


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