15 Apartment Space Saving Ideas

The cost of living in an urban city means we often have less space to play with than our suburban friends. Thankfully designers have found awesome ways to make better use of the space we have.

Check out the 15 examples to make sure that you don’t waste any space in your apartment.

1. Stair Storage


These awesome drawers are part of a New York studio apartment project by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture and was completed in 2009.


2. Drawer Gym


This home fitness cupboard is part of a set of furniture created by the designer Lucie Koldova in 2009. The furniture was designed to serve both the function of storage and fitness with users able to stretch, work out and shape their bodies using the furniture.

3. Modular Furniture


This amazing all-in-one modular furniture set has been designed by the Swedish design team from Matroshka.

This set can allow you to build a living area that quickly converts your dining area to a workable double bedroom.

When packed down the whole set packs down to just under 13 sq feet.

5 thoughts on “15 Apartment Space Saving Ideas

  1. Look at ways of enclosing the space where your utility meters are located. In a ground floor apartment I stacked round concrete blocks angled with a layer of concrete between the blocks to create a wine storage space. You can use the remaining wall space under the meters to place hooks for hanging your bottle openers, corkscrews, and other tools.

  2. “Under Stair Bathroom” is very common idea. I really like this #1 Stair Storage idea, that’s really cool.

  3. Some of design idea shared are awesome to decorate house. Every one wants to make their house according to their dreams. What they imagine they wanna to full fill that with their house for this they need some unique and interesting ideas. With small space this is not possible but good ideas can help to decorate their house. 10 impressive architectural ideas that could transform your home

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