20 Creative College Apartment Decor Ideas

Remember your old days as a college kid? Small bedrooms, crowded studios and smelly rooms. No decor, just some random furniture thrown around. All you did was studying anyway (yeah, right…).

We take a look at the current interior designs that are making a success among college students and let us give you a small heads up: kids have become better at it. The decor in these rooms might rekindle some memories or maybe even cause some envy.

1. Super space saving decor

Space Saving decor mod

There’s a lot of storage space and it’s still super comfortable and spacious. The perfect design for a small and shared college bedroom (and for people who hate bunk beds).

2. Vibrant college kid’s room

The Vibrant college kid's room mod

Colorful and messy: a college bedroom tradition with a touch of good taste.

2 thoughts on “20 Creative College Apartment Decor Ideas

  1. Lauren Hannah

    I remember my apartment during college, it used to be like this. Fun vibe and playful atmosphere, nice place thank you for sharing this one.

  2. Brett

    Brings me back to thougthts of my old dorm room. It would have been way cooler if I actually thought about the look of it. One thing I wish I had was a removable bed tent like the ones. I would’ve actually had some privacy if i had this!


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