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24 Ways to Brighten Up Your Apartment

When you’re renting and apartment, it’s often the case that there’s restrictions to what you can and cannot change. More often than not, you’re pretty limited but this article by shows 24 beautifully creative ways to transform any room in your apartment. However small your space, by employing simple yet effective storage solutions you can make any apartment more of a home.

iPhone with Pepper Spray Mod – Self Defence

Living in an urban environment means you can often you end up in a slightly shadier neighbourhood than you would prefer. Now whilst you should always try not to get into any risky situations…sometimes the worst does happen. This gadget is called a Spraytect and works with the iPhone 4/S (not sure if it’s available for the iPhone 5) and costs $40 and can spray pepper spray at an attacker. If you live in a bad neighbourhood this might be a decent investment.  Oh and it also protects your iPhone Read more at:

6 Products For Your Home That Can Cut Your Energy Bill

It’s getting cold again and energy bills are starting to rise. So this awesome video will be really useful to help you to make sure you don\’t get stung by your energy supplier. The key points of the video: 1. Provide an energy audit of your house/apartment 2. Use a programmable thermostat 3. Use LED bulbs as they use 20% of the energy and last pretty much forever 4. Make sure your home is insulated to get the most from your heating. 5. Door draft guards – a great tip that cost hardly anything 6. Drink a hot beverage to… Read more »

Invisible Bookends

This invisible bookend by London based designer Paul Cocksedge blows my mind. Its simplicity means the focus is on the objects, the books themselves and he asks “would you want to own something, when all you can see is what it does, not what it is?”. The lighweight, easy to install Invisible Bookend can be used on the desk, floor or on a shelf and can hold up to a metre and a half worth of books, magazines, anything you want really. These awesome bookends are available to buy from November 12 from the site itself. Source

22 Ways to Reuse Old Beer/Wine/Spirits Bottles

After a long weekend you are left to nurse a hangover but you also have the problem of all the empty booze bottles. Luckily the team at Buzzfeed have tracked down 22 simple ways to reuse your old bottles into something useful for your apartment. Who knows? Maybe the time taken to craft these masterpieces might help to reduce that hangover of yours. Enjoy the full article:

5 Unusual Light Bulbs for Exposed Fixtures [Design]

The blogosphere seems to be light bulb mad at the moment. I know that plenty of apartment dwellers…myself include don’t always like to have light shades especially in the kitchen or home office. Sadly most light bulbs are pretty boring but now you have a couple of options that all look awesome compared to your standard Edison light bulb. The best bulb has to be the diamond bulb shown above.. but it costs $50 (better to spend your money on the Philips Hue at that kind of price!) To see the other 4 more budget friendly options check out:

The All-Black Manhattan Apartment [Video]

Cindy Gallop, an advertising consultant and frequent TED speaker shows off her bold style and personality in her Manhattan apartment. Featuring fully black walls, ceiling and carpets, this awesome apartment appeals to my gothic side :). When consulting with her designers, Cindy told them she wanted the feel of a bar in Shanghai; the results can be seen in the video below.

Passa Cabos Cute Cork Lamp

Cute things are awesome; did you see the giant Totoro sleeping bag?? When I saw this lamp, I initially thought it resembled a piglet’s snout but according to its designer, the project aimed to “explore the approach of objects and animals to humans in the stories of everyday. …in some countries… ferrets were trained to pass electrical cables inside ducts. This lamp tells this story.” These lamps are made predominantly from Portuguese cork with a little linen cord for a tail and uses low energy E14/11W bulbs. I’m sticking with the pig snout. Source buy the lamp

Scrap Wood and Resin Chair

I’m a big fan of recycled furniture designs and here, Sueng Han Lee has built a fully usable chair from scraps of unwanted wood. He remarks on the project, “I am fascinated and inspired by the process of creating something new out of the old”. The bits are joined together using plastic resin which you can see bleeding out from between the sections, which gives it a really colourful and artistic edge. Source