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Yo! Home: The Apartment of the Future [Video]

If you watched early Dragon’s Den (UK), you’ll be familiar with Simon Woodroffe, one of the original (and personally my favourite) Dragons. An entrepreneur and motivational speaker, he is probably most known for his successful global chain of the almost ubiquitous sushi bars, Yo! Sushi. Since developing Yo! Company, he went onto launch Yo! Home, showcasing a prototype apartment which can be transformed in a multitude of ways. Explaining how the city centre apartment has not been re-invented since its inception, he states “YO! Home is that new invention. Twelve moving parts drawing on the mechanics of stage scenery allow the… Read more »

Egg and Toast, 2 in 1 Toaster

Wow. This has to be the first time I’ve purchased a kitchen gadget online on a whim, seriously. Obviously, I did the prudent price checking first, but I believe this nifty toast and egg toaster will change my life mornings. Featuring wide slots to toast your favourite bread, muffin or bagel to perfection (it has 8 toast settings), you can poach, boil or even scramble an egg to accompany it! The detachable stream tray can be exchanged to warm up slices of meat if you so wish. Being limited to cooking one egg is its only downside. Check it out… Read more »

Awesome Indoor Planters for Apartment Dwellers

Unless your apartment has a verandah or an accessible outdoor area suitable for planting, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re limited when it comes to planting. Home Chunk however showcases a great selection of indoor planters from Boskke’s upside down Sky Planters to my favourite of the lot, the Greenbook Library by Nautinox Living, showing that even the most extreme urbanites can surround and immerse themselves in greenery.

Reduce Your Heating Bill with An iPhone App Tado°

One of the biggest problems we have with our apartment is trying to find the perfect temperature. We need it comfortably warm but don’t want to waste money heating the place when we are not there. Sadly a timing system doesn’t work as we both work really random hours. The Tado° is a new iPhone app that allows you to control the thermostat from just a swipe of your phone. One of the best things is that the system will automatically detect when the last person leaves the house and will turn the heating down accordingly. Let’s hope they bring… Read more »

Minji Cardboard Furniture for Micro Apartments

While there is a demographic of young urbanites moving around often, living in apartments and other temporary accommodation, there is also a need for temporary and affordable furniture. Introducing ‘Minji’, a collection of “collapsable, flat-packable, modular cardboard furniture” designed and created by Phaedra Harder, Stephanie McDonell, Azalia Musa and Celeste Horgan. The collection comprises of the Stickstack Shelf ($15), Zippak Stool ($20), X-Slot Table ($70) and the Telecomb Couch ($100) and was aimed at the urban nomads who regularly move around therefore choose cheaper furniture, typically IKEA. But while IKEA goods use materials of the permanent type; wood, metal and MDF,… Read more »

Molecule-r Cuisine Gastronomy Kit

If you fancy yourself a bit of a Heston Blumenthal, or know someone who enjoys tinkering and experimenting in the kitchen, then this is the perfect Christmas gift. The Molecular Gastronomy Kit available at John Lewis will be sure to bring out the culinary creativity in budding chefs and includes a selection of additives and tools to create an ensemble of dishes, including chocolate spaghetti, mint caviar beads and lemon foam! Also included is a DVD containing 50 recipes which will surely impress dinner guests! For more information visit John Lewis

Awesome Expandable Furniture – Create More Space

Making the most from your limited space is what we are all about at Apartment Geeks. So this collection of expandable furniture from the team at Dornob is worth checking out. The book shelf above can easily be adjusted depending on the amount of books you have at that time. So if you have just a few books, you just push it together to reduce its space requirements. Check out the other expandable furniture here:

14 Awesome Apartment Reading Nooks

Reading is the single most awesome thing you can do to improve yourself as a person. Sadly… how many of us actually get time to sit down and read a book? One of my biggest “moans” is that I don’t have anywhere to read apart from my bed. Now if you implement some of the awesome ideas from Home-Designing you will never have that excuse as there are 14 great examples of dedicated reading spaces. My personal favourite is the reading area built in the ceiling area awesome! (picture above) How about you?? Do you think having a dedicated reading… Read more »

Micro Apartment In Barcelona With Hidden Bathtub! [Video]

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to live in the perfect location but this architect lady, Valentina Maini shows you can create fully functional living space with just 269 st ft of space (25 sq mtr), as well as having a prime spot in the heart of Barcelona. Watch how her dining table slides over matching benches to create additional room for guests. Or how the bench slides out to reveal a full sized bath tub, and much more! It’s simply creativity at its best. To save her from the daily routine of transforming a bed: Valentina simply raised her… Read more »