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Purpil Basil – 5 Reasons You Should Grow it in Your Apartment

Purple basil doesn’t get the same attention as it’s green cousin but it should. One great reason is that purple basil is actually easier to grow and needs less care and attention than the green variety. Which can be a major issue for apartment dwellers who work long hours. I have often had my green basil die on me, only to find the purple variety has survived. Check out my 6 tips for choosing purple basil for your apartment: It’s colour is awesome and can really work well with dishes with cream. The pesto is the “best I have ever… Read more »

5 Awesome Apartment Links–New Year Special

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Last week was relatively slow in the blogging world but there was a couple of awesome articles that I thought you would love. 1. 8 Things That Really Stop Hangovers – BuzzFeed With New Years Eve tomorrow, this article might be useful to help ease the pain on New Years Day. My personal favourite is asparagus.. as I just love the stuff and any hangover beating power is just a bonus. Check out the other 7 items : 2. 7 Best Apartment Designs of 2012 It’s coming to the end of… Read more »

5 Tips for Buying WalMart Air Purifiers

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a total supermarket snob as WalMart can be great for buying certain groceries and sports good but when it comes to complex electronics it can be tricky to find the right product. Walmart stock mainly low priced air purifier around the $50 – $300 mark. In it self this is not a bad thing, cheap purifiers can be OK as long as you are using in a small room and just want to remove large particles like pollen. The problem lies with some of the air purifiers that Walmart has chosen to stock: 1…. Read more »

As if from nowhere… – Functional Bookcase / Storage by Orla Reynolds

Living in small spaces does not necessarily mean compromising comfort or even space. Certainly not if you apply smart storage and clever furniture into your home. This awesome shelf / chairs/ table conglomerate, designed by Orla Reynolds is a multi functional furniture perfect for small apartments and spaces. She states this is designed “for small living spaces or for those who wish to cater to the unexpected guest”. The shelving, which can double as bookcases or general storage areas also houses four sets of chairs and two tables which can be put side by side to make a larger table…. Read more »

Idylis Air Purifier Review – Is it Worth It?

If you suffer from hayfever or live in a high pollution area you have probably already looked at getting an air purifier for your apartment. Air purifiers work by remove allergens from the air using filter technology so the air you breathe inside your home/apartment is free of any pollution or allergens. Here at Apartment Geeks, we are going to look at reviewing a number of popular air purifiers to try and see if they live up the marketing hype. The first review of the series is the Idylis air purifier found in The Lowes store in the United States… Read more »

10 Brilliant Waterproof iPhone 5 Cases

For those who simply cannot function without their phones by their side for more than a few minutes, take a look at this selection of waterproof cases and covers specially designed for the iPhone 5. It would have been great to have carried a waterproof case with me during mine and Danny’s attempt at the Tough Mudder 10 mile race back in November. Gadget Review has reviewed some of the best waterproof casings, some of which are fully waterproof even when submerged deep underwater while others are water repellent. My favourite case (pictured above) is the LifeProof Fre iPhone 5… Read more »

Lamp with USB Charger

My bedside lamp broke when I let my friends stay at my apartment during the Christmas period But the good news is that I can look at getting something like this awesome lamp that also provides USB’s to charge my gadgets. With such a gadget there will be no more fighting with Julie over who gets the plug to charge their phone in at night. At $90 it’s not cheap but it does looks pretty awesome. Sadly not the gadget for me as it only works for US voltage but I will keep an eye on a UK/European version. Buy… Read more »

‘Real Soft Desk’ – A Desk You Can Sleep At

If you’re one of the many millions of people who spend more time sat at their desks, on their computers then this Real Soft Desk by Dawoon Song would be great for extra comfort and a perfect companion for those late nights when you want a little power nap. This smart looking desk has been softened around the edges and upholstered to give it a gentle and cushioned feel. For more information check out

15 Food Storage Gadgets That Cost Less Than $40

When you live in an apartment, kitchen space is always at a premium.  I sometimes think that apartment designers assume that the tenants will just eat Dominos pizzas and never get round to actually cooking. In our kitchen we have tried a few ways to expand our space but we are always looking for more ideas. This article from Gizmodo outlines 15 awesome little products you can look our for in the January Sales. My personal favourite is the ”Pan Tree” system – I am trying to currently fit 6 pans in my small cupboard and it’s a nightmare. See… Read more »