4 Tips for decorating your first apartment


Moving into your first apartment and starting to be a responsible adult (or, at least, just an adult) is not easy. Especially when the money is short and you can’t make crazy expenses decorating your first house.

In a case like this, it’s important to set your priorities are getting the basics. Place your furniture in a functional way and don’t make any crazy shopping. But, first of all, check our four tips for decorating your first apartment. You can invite us to your house warming party as a thank.

First step – Choose your look

Before buying any furniture, check what you really need and what is the look you want your house to have. Make some online research and plan each room carefully. Choose the wood type, the metals and the color you want on the walls and on the general decorating, like pillows and rugs. Then, it’s just a matter of making a small and organized list you can use to guide your buying process.

Second step – Measure everything twice

Before buying anything, remember to measure every room and every corner. Then, measure it all over again, just to be sure. Don’t forget the doorways, halls, stairwells and, especially, the elevators.

Third step – Buy big pieces first

Buying the biggest pieces of furniture first is the best move, so you can place them and check the general look of the room before the details come barging in.

Fourth step – Be patient

If you’re not finding a rug or curtains that match your decorating, wait some time until better models appear. New products are always coming up. And, if the sales period is just around the corner, it won’t harm to wait a little while longer for that as well. Just make sure you spent your money in the best possible way.

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