9 Awesome Tiny Apartments

3. White Apartment


This tiny little house was found on Ppinterest and is another example of how to make the most from the little space you have. What a great view it must be from the window  above the bed.

4. Tiny Japanese Apartment


This apartment was found on Reddit and not much is known but I can only assume there is a great use of space in this edgy apartment.

4 thoughts on “9 Awesome Tiny Apartments

  1. Amanda

    I have a studio. I’m not sure the exact square footage but the longest wall is about 26′ and the depth from front door to back wall is 14′. My living room is my bedroom, my closet is a miniscule coat closet, and the bathroom is behind the kitchen so my kitchen is 12’x14′. It sounds like a lot, but put a fridge and a bedroom set of furniture and a kitchen table in there, plus a futon and pantry (there aren’t enough cabinets for food)…. it’s tight. All I can say is make nooks. Zones. My bed is in a corner, and the headboard is being used as a kind of dividing wall between it and the rest of the apartment. My bedroom furniture is back to back with my headboard and wall, making a kind of changing cubbie for me. The couch draws the obvious line for living-room space.
    Another recent tip? Get a mount for your television, and get a swivel arm. I can tilt the tv to aim at my bed in the corner, or the couch across the room, or even into the kitchen where I’m squeezing in next to my fridge to eat. It’s a godsend.

  2. Julina Romney

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  3. clare

    “Whilst most of us choose to live in decent sized spaces” Really? What defines “decent sized”? And “choice” assumes the availability of thusly sized units and the means to rent or own them. I’m sure what the author thinks of as “most of us” is really a much smaller subset of us.


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