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Renewed Edwardian house with a vintage Scandinavian interior

This two-flat house, with an Edwardian look, was completely transformed by John Lum Architecture. The expert designed this wonderful interior, punctuated with stylish and vintage elements of Scandinavian design. The house, located in San Francisco, even has a name: Nordquist. Its new design implied a more luminous interior and a more spacious kitchen that now features an eclectic mix of materials, according to the rest of the space. Check the gallery below and be amazed!

The grandiosity of the Brick Wall Studio

Studio apartments are one of the most difficult spaces to decorate, so it might take an awesome designer like Stephan Jaklitsch from Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects to seal the deal. The interior of this Brick Wall Studio is completely inspiring, but it’s not for everyone. The place was decorated thinking of a young power couple: it’s hard challenging and luxurious, as the nude brick walls and the imposing wood beams contrast with the design pieces. The brick walls are the primary component of this aesthetic concept, setting the ambience defined by Stephan Jaklitsch. The hardwood floors give the final touch.

The architect’s idea: how to transform a small apartment with clever cubbies

During the renovation of a small apartment studio on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the architect Tim Seggerman had a brilliant idea to innovate the inside of the 240-square-foot space. The apartment with a sleeping loft over the kitchen was in bad shape, in need of true change. So, the architect decided to create what he calls a “crafted jewel box” into the undersized space. Taking the work of the furniture designer George Nakashima as an inspiration, the architect transformed the place. According to a visitor who was inside the apartment, it’s like “sitting inside one of Nakashima’s cabinets” and the… Read more »

Meet the new apartment Madeleine located in an 18th century building

Paris has a new amazing apartment, symbol of contemporary design: the apartment Madeleine. The creator of this true work of art is Michael Herrman, director of the French studio Ateliers Michael Herrman. The designer and its team recently renovated the duplex apartment, located in a late 18th century building,  in the eighth-arrondissement of Paris, France. The new house of Michael Herrman has now 1,500 square feet, three bedrooms and a clear glass floor above the dining area. Check the gallery below and the harmony of this creation.

Cool 22 sq metre Micro House Concept

Gabrijela Tumbas Papic has created a concept Micro House which could accommodate up to 4 people for a period of  a month. The micro house is 22 square metres in size, utilising smart storage systems such as stairs which double up into drawers and a smart looking sofa bed. According to Gabrijela, it’s fully transportable once the sections are detatched which would make it perfect for people on the move; you could take it on holiday with you to the mountains, the beach, possibly anywhere! What do you think of this micro house concept? It doesn’t look that easy to assemble… Read more »

Urban Micro Apartments – The Future of Apartment Living?

City planners in San Francisco have proposed the idea of building hundreds of so called ‘micro apartments’ to help alleviate the problem of rising populations yet maintaining cost efficiency. These apartments will be around several hundred square feet and are aimed for single or double occupancy. The image below shows a proposed apartment which will be 220 square feet in size and makes use of a foldaway bed that turns into a dining table/area to maximise on space. Living in small spaces is nothing new, we’ve regularly featured small apartments and  great use of space here on Apartment Geeks, including… Read more »

Yo! Home: The Apartment of the Future [Video]

If you watched early Dragon’s Den (UK), you’ll be familiar with Simon Woodroffe, one of the original (and personally my favourite) Dragons. An entrepreneur and motivational speaker, he is probably most known for his successful global chain of the almost ubiquitous sushi bars, Yo! Sushi. Since developing Yo! Company, he went onto launch Yo! Home, showcasing a prototype apartment which can be transformed in a multitude of ways. Explaining how the city centre apartment has not been re-invented since its inception, he states “YO! Home is that new invention. Twelve moving parts drawing on the mechanics of stage scenery allow the… Read more »

8 Zombie Proof Apartments

According to the Mayans, the end of the world is set to happen on December 21st 2012. Personally I agree with NASA that nothing bad is going to happen on that day but still you never know. But what if zombies were to appear on Earth? – How easy would it be for them to dine on your brains? Luckily, I live on the 12th floor but I doubt the glass door entrance would hold them back for long… The following 8 apartments are some of the most “Zombie Proof” we could find… as always give me a shout if… Read more »

Who wants to live in a 3X3 Meter Cube?

This is one design that people in small apartments would like to see sooner rather than later. Found at Yanko design, Justin Chong manages to pack a whole apartment including a kitchen, stove, fridge,an eating area for 4 and a even a double bed.  Although I’m not too keen on the tricky looking stairs to reach the bed. See more pics and the full design here: