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Living large in small spaces 101

With property prices on the rise in the UK once more, first time buyers and other homeowners are choosing not to invest in larger properties but instead make the most out of the smallest possible spaces. In some cases this could just be in the form of space saving design features. In others, it could involve the total remodelling of a property in order to maximise the rooms you already have. In more extreme instances, you could be designing a whole new space efficient property completely from scratch. Whatever it is you need to do, there are many ways you… Read more »

Innovative Storage Solutions

One of the major downfalls people comment on when considering apartment living is the lack of storage space such as under stairs cupboards that you would normally expect to find in a house. But this can actually be seen as a positive feature of an apartment; after all, how useful is under stairs storage really?  In an apartment the beauty of having no existing storage is that you can add in your own that totally fits what you need without wasting space or compromising on functionality. Read on for some fantastic storage solutions for the two most problematic areas of… Read more »

Shutting the door on open plan living

Open-plan living is no longer the preserve of trendy riverside loft apartments; the phenomenon has spread to the suburbs too. Walls have come crashing down as maximising space has become a national obsession. I suppose in an era where the density of the national population has never been higher that is only natural: nowadays, the only doors you get in some people’s houses is that you hear playing on the sound system. Asides from freeing up space, open-plan living has many advantages. It brings in more natural light, which can lift your mood as well as cutting down on energy… Read more »

Fitted Furniture: Is It Right For Me?

When it comes to interior decor, the bedroom is often one of the very first rooms we access. It’s habitually a place in which we choose to relax, switch off and un-wind, so it is important to select appropriate interior designs. Fitted furniture is one of the options you’ll come across when considering your bedroom’s décor, but how will you know if it is right for you? What is fitted furniture? Fitted furniture comes in the shape of household items that are made to fit. This allows you to make the most of the little space you have to work… Read more »

10 Monochromatic rooms that will change your mind

If you thought that monochromatic rooms were boring, you’re completely wrong! Check out these next examples and you’ll see how it’s possible to create an interesting room with just one color. 1. Bright green living room 2. Purple office 3. Blue dining room 4. Red hall 5. Yellow library 6. Orange bedroom 7. Black bathroom 8. Dark green porch 9. Grey master bedroom 10. White kitchen

7 Ideas to organize and modernize your laundry

The laundry is that kind of room that people always neglect, so most of them don’t really have a decor or organization system. It’s just a bunch of baskets scattered around and a lot of clothes spread everywhere. However, your laundry can be different, it can even be stylish, if you really want to. And it doesn’t take a lot of effort, anyway. So, here are some advices to organize and boost your laundry’s overall look. 1. Shared laundry If you don’t have enough space to have a separate room to install your laundry, your (well organized) utility room will… Read more »

7 Amazing porches that will make you want to change yours

The porch is, sometimes,one of the most neglected places in a house. We can’t really understand why, since it’s so simple and cheap, if you’re not willing to invest a lot of money into it, to decorate this area. Here are some dreamy porches that will inspire you to change yours! If you’re aiming for a soft and feminine porch, you just need some light colors, vintage-looking furniture (there’s some DIY work waiting for you) and beautiful flowers. Achieving a romantic look in your porch is quite easy, as you can see. The big table makes all the difference here!… Read more »

The best reading nooks: one for each room

Did you always dreamed of having a reading nook just for you? Where you could read and relax comfortably in the middle of fluffy pillows and good books… We gathered the best examples to inspire you, one for each room of the house. 1. Under the stairs This usually wasted space is great to create a cozy reading area. 2. Children’s bedroom Some kids love to read! You can transform a regular closet into a fabulous reading spot with a lot of storage and also lighting. 3. In the porch Turn an empty corner on your porch into a comfortable… Read more »

How to incorporate red countertops in your kitchen or bathroom

Red countertops can be an object of desire in any kitchen or bathroom, but they can also be a dreaded item once you have already bought them. That’s the time when you start thinking how will you match them with your kitchen cabinets or bathroom tiles, for instance. But, fear not, as it’s super easy to incorporate a red countertop in your kitchen. Actually, if we’re talking about a neutral space, they will look perfect and there’s no need to do any change whatsoever. Check these examples and you’ll see what we’re trying to say. Red countertops in the kitchen… Read more »