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The best colorful and inspirational rooms

If your home needs a change, why don’t you make it more colorful and bright? Here are some decoration and painting ideas, one for each room of your house. 1. Hot pink kitchen Do you love white cabinets, but the whole kitchen just looks too white? Go wild and paint your ceiling with a bold color, like hot pink. 2. Rich blue living room Stick with the basics in matter of furniture and paint your walls with a rich tone like this powerful blue. 3. Lemon yellow bedroom This lemon yellow bedroom seems really cozy and inviting. 4. Soft pink… Read more »

Bright inspiration: the best yellow bathrooms

Yellow is a color a lot of people tend to scorn, when it actually is a great color that you can apply in most rooms. The bathroom is one of these rooms, where yellow can shine and really help to brighten the mood. Take a look at these examples and, if you didn’t like yellow until now, we’re sure you’re going to change your mind. 1. Yellow and gray This design and color scheme are perfect for a small bathroom, especially because it makes the space seem more modern. 2. Classic yellow The color really helps this small bathroom look… Read more »

7 Sophisticated color combinations for your bathroom

Your bathroom or powder room can be awesome and unique if you personalize its colors. By creating a combination of two tones you’ll be able to make this room a focus point in your house. Choose your favorite color and transform your bathroom. 1. Gray & White It’s the most cool, clean and classic color mix you can choose. 2. Latte Brown & Apple Green & Hot Pink It’s cheerful and it screams fun! Start with the neutral base and go crazy with the furniture and accessories. 3. Pearl & Cloud Gray & Rust Red A mod wallpaper will transform… Read more »

10 Ideas to bring the country flair into your house

The country… The peace and quiet, the smell of roasted marshmallows, the fun and the outside activities. The country is all this and much more, so why can’t you bring it into your home? We gathered some ideas for different rooms that can help you with that. Get inspired with our picks! Ideas for your bedroom Wood is a must in a country decoration, as you can see. Small beds, a rustic look and sober colors with some interesting bright notes are the main rules you must follow to create a country bedroom. Ideas for your kitchen Again, wood is… Read more »

Turquoise dreams: 7 different rooms with pops of color

Did you know that the first “official” time the word turquoise was used to describe a color was in 1573? The name stuck and, since then, we have been calling it to this unique mix between blue and green. Although it’s a bold choice, turquoise has a feminine and relaxing feel. It works amazingly well in sophisticated and different interiors. To show you the versatility of this color, we gathered various examples of different rooms that look perfect with their turquoise notes. 1. Turquoise in the entry hall 2. Turquoise in the living room 3. Turquoise in the office 4…. Read more »

6 Amazing ideas to transform your basement

The basement is usually a dusty and messy room, where families leave their clutter forever. From times to times, someone remembers to clean and declutter the place, but what about if your basement could be transformed into an astonishing room? You might don’t know this, but your basement can be turned into almost anything, as long you are willing to make the investment. Check out these next ideas and start saving some bucks. 1. Transform your basement into a bar 2. Transform your basement into a different living room 3. Transform your basement into a room for kids or small… Read more »

5 Amazing and unique office spaces

Whether there’s a lot or a little space, it’s always possible to create a working space. Check out these five creative examples and you might get an idea for your future office. 1. Under the stairs Where there’s an empty space, there can be an office. That was what the owner of this house might have thought. 2. In the garage If it doesn’t fit inside the house, it can fit in the garage. There’s always a solution. Besides, having a special place to work like this one can really help you concentrate. 3. In the closet No closet is… Read more »

10 Simple and cheap tips to change a room

Are you tired of your current living room or bedroom? How about some simple changes you can make for little money and almost no effort? Check our tips. Paint one wall of your bedroom with a sophisticated color and get some contemporary frames and mirror to decorate the wall. This decor will make your bedroom seem super romantic. Simple materials and two lamps will create a beautiful effect and make your bedroom unique. All you need is a little talent and time for DIY projects. Use a framed musical sheet to decorate your living room. The effect is pretty nice and… Read more »

The many uses of the versatile chalkboard

Installing a chalkboard plaque on a wall or frame can be super useful and stylish, these days. We gathered some ideas to use this material in your house. You’ll see how versatile and convenient this decorative item can be, according to each room needs. Put it on the driveway to welcome your guests. Kids love to draw and paint on their walls. So, what can be a better solution than a chalkboard that can be drawn and cleaned how many times are necessary. Use it as a big notebook where you can write your dates and things to do and… Read more »