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Shutting the door on open plan living

Open-plan living is no longer the preserve of trendy riverside loft apartments; the phenomenon has spread to the suburbs too. Walls have come crashing down as maximising space has become a national obsession. I suppose in an era where the density of the national population has never been higher that is only natural: nowadays, the only doors you get in some people’s houses is that you hear playing on the sound system. Asides from freeing up space, open-plan living has many advantages. It brings in more natural light, which can lift your mood as well as cutting down on energy… Read more »

Protecting your property from flooding [infographic]

  Direct Line for Business have created an infographic which illustrates simple steps you can take to help prevent your property from flooding. If you’re a landlord especially – with 1 in 6 homes in the UK at risk of flooding, this is invaluable information.

Hot off the Press – A Brief History of Heating

Monty Python’s hilarious and controversial 1979 film The Life of Brian contains any number of seminal scenes, being as it is one of the greatest comedy films ever made. Set in the Judea of the Roman Empire around the time of Jesus’s crucifixion, the film, as the name suggests, charts the life of Brian, who has the bad luck to be confused with a messiah – the Romans were not big on dissent, as you probably know… Anyhow, one scene shows a meeting of misfiring rebels who, traducing the Romans, demand ‘what have they ever done for us?’ What follows… Read more »

Fitted Furniture: Is It Right For Me?

When it comes to interior decor, the bedroom is often one of the very first rooms we access. It’s habitually a place in which we choose to relax, switch off and un-wind, so it is important to select appropriate interior designs. Fitted furniture is one of the options you’ll come across when considering your bedroom’s décor, but how will you know if it is right for you? What is fitted furniture? Fitted furniture comes in the shape of household items that are made to fit. This allows you to make the most of the little space you have to work… Read more »

Decorating tips for first time buyers [infographic]

Decorating your first home shouldn’t feel like hard work, you should enjoy what you’re doing and remain patient to achieve your long term goals. If you’re in need of inspiration, here is a guide for first time buyers designed by Topps Tiles. First time home owners, find out how to add style and value to your new home with this guide from Topps Tiles

How to Make Home Décor Profitable by Investing in Art

Choosing a few key pieces of art can not only add vibrant personality to your home, but it can also serve as a sound investment for the future. There’s no guarantee that a piece of art will increase in value, but if you research your options you can increase your chances of profit down the road. It’s best to consider your personal enjoyment of the art as the primary concern, but investment potential can come in a close second. Like selling furniture and antiques, it is easier to find a buyer for fine art when you’ve done your research. Getting… Read more »

The History Of Interior Design [Infographic]

Many of us think interior design is a term coined in the 20th century, but the history of it can probably be traced back to the early cavemen, who decorated the walls of their caves with simple drawings of plants and animals. Our fun infographic looks at how buildings have changed over the years and how ornamental and lavish decorations have been added to beautify interior spaces. Romans and Greeks had beautiful mosaic floors added to their villas while the Renaissance period in Italy inspired elaborately carved furniture and walls covered in gorgeous tapestries. With the rise of housing estates,… Read more »

Feng Shui for the home [Infographic]

Sometimes, apartment living can start feeling cramped and less than ideal. You begin to envy your homeowner friends, with spacious yards and neighbors who are more than a wall away. However, at the end of the day, it is truly possible to revive the spark that you once felt about your apartment. Living in an apartment doesn’t have to be all bad; in fact, why can’t it be all good? By applying a few of the tenets of Feng Shui, it is easy to get a whole new perspective on the place you live. Working from room to room in… Read more »

Ways to make your apartment as cozy as a house

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to live in apartments instead of houses, and although each home has its own pros and cons there are many ways for the apartment dwellers to overcome some of the cons. Apartment living is a cost effective way for single people and newlyweds to start their own lives; you don\’t often find families living in an apartment.  However there are elderly folk that move into apartments instead of retirement complexes. Whether you are a college graduate, a recently single person, a newly married couple or an elderly couple the following major… Read more »