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This Tiny Apartment Sleeps Four People!

  Now my apartment is small… but this 325 Square-foot apartment would be small if it was just for one person. However this tiny apartment sleeps can sleep four people! Kinda cosy. Really like the design of these “tiny apartments” as they really make use of the space in a cool way. Kudos to the owners Monica Potvin an Markel Otaola. Via

Forget an Apartment–How about a Shipping Container

After seeing some of these micro apartment in NYC – this shipping container that you can live in looks like a great idea. It’s called a Homebox and is a customized wooden shipping container that has 3 floors and has  really small footprint so you can make the most of your garden. One of the big benefits of using a shipping container is the ease of transport. Read more and see more pics here:

LEGO Apartment – Amazing Use of Space

  If you live in a small apartment you need to watch this video. This guy converted a dingy looking small apartment into something of beauty. His full kitchen, fridge and freezer are hidden away behind amazing pine doors. He has storage for everything and even has space for his tennis rackets. One of the highlights is the table and bed that pulls out from the wall. It\’s amazing that he has converted a 254 square foot apartment into something double that in usable space. The only downside is that there is a lot of moving to get things in… Read more »

55 Square Foot Apartment – Small Living to the Max

  Just watched this awesome video about a guy who lives in a 55 square foot apartment and pays $800 in rent. I sometimes moan about my 700 square foot place but this guy really shows how you can live small to the max.  Although he does end up having to eat out every night (there is no kitchen) and considers his friends place round the corner his living room. What do you think? Could you living in a small place like this?