How to hide your household eyesores [Infographic]

There will always be a couple of things you want to change in your home, no matter how much effort do you put into decorating every room. These annoying household eyesores will catch your eye every time you enter the room. You know they are useful but you still hate looking at them. You want to find a way to hide it from the plain sight whether it is bulky appliances, messy looking cables or even your Internet router.

Is there anything more annoying than green and yellow lights flashing on the side of the TV while you’re watching a movie in the night? Is there any particular reason why they can’t make an Internet router that is pleasing to the eye?

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Revive your apartment in four easy steps


It is 2014, and the best way to ring in the new-year is with a change of scenery (and by scenery we mean home décor, although taking a vacation sounds nice too!).

Redecorating your space is a great way to start the year on a high note, but such a transformation is traditionally not a cheap endeavor. If you don’t have oodles of cash to throw down for new furniture and décor in your local Pier One, then Do-It-Yourself projects may be the way to go when redecorating your pad.

Websites like Pinterest and Etsy have made DIY décor more popular than ever, but it is important to remember that photographs on these websites are often from professional third party décor sites.

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15 Awesome Pinterest DIY projects for your home

Want to know how to make your house better with a few bucks?

Check out these 15 tips and tricks we have to show you and let’s start working.

1. Installation of a hydraulic door closer

Install  a Hydraulic Door Closer mod

Besides improving home security, hydraulic door closers spare you the trouble of going back to close the door when you forget about it.

2. How to make summer sandals

How to Make Summer Sandals mod

Wouldn’t you like to have a new pair of sandals each Summer? With this tip is super easy to make ones according to your style and favorite colours.

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13 Clever Hacks for Things You Thought Were Trash

Wait, don’t bin that without giving it a second look. That thing you consider trash can actually be the base you need to perform a clever and useful hack.

Don’t believe in this possibility? Check these 13 tips.

1. Turn bread tags into cord labels

Turn Bread Tags Into Cord Labels mod

Use the tags from your used bread bags to create useful cord labels. It will make your life so much easier…

2. Soap container for a guy’s bathroom

Ideal Soap Container for a guy's Bathroom mod

All you need is an empty bottle of whisky with a nice design and the top accessory, which you can take from an old bottle of shower gel, and you get the perfect soap dispenser for a guy’s bathroom.

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Modern Beauty & Outdoor Living made easy

One of the main differences between a house and an apartment is the freedom to walk outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine without having to leave home.  With a balcony you can live in an apartment and still have this freedom, although your space is limited to the size of your balcony it is perfect for a little BBQ or just to sit back in a deck chair and enjoy the rays of sunshine with a good book.

Many modern apartment buildings already have steel balconies, but home owners who are living in older apartment buildings can also benefit from the luxury of a balcony with a steel balcony.  Although the name steel balcony tends to conjure up images of a large steel construction that is grey and boring with large gaps in between,

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Advice on roof covering materials

Every home owner has to face the project of repairing or replacing their roofing at some point or another, the only way you can overcome this is to buy new property every few years and leave the roofing maintenance to the new owners.

When you ready to start your project on either repairing or replacing your roofing there are a few choices that you have to make before you can contact any reputable roofing company.

Type – There are four main types of roof covering materials, the most popular type of roofing for many home owners is flat roofing, although slate roofing runs a close second.

Colour – Once you know what type of roofing you want to have installed you need to think of the colour,

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How to Design the Ultimate Gaming Room

Let’s face it, it is every gambling man’s dream: the ultimate gaming room. If you have a spare room, even a small one, or if not perhaps you have a garage you can use, then this could be your next DIY project. In any interior design project there are many constraints, the first one being the size and shape of your available space. However even if you are unable to accommodate everything you would like to include in terms of games, a good start is to make a wish list and prioritise it.

First you will need to draw up a plan of your available space, you can use pencil and squared paper or you can be more sophisticated and use a computer.

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Make living with a disability a little easier


Have you ever been injured and unable to use one of your legs?  Do you know someone with a disability? Then you would have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties that a person with a disability faces on a daily basis.

Although many people tend to shy away from people with an obvious disability like a paraplegic or someone who has difficulty with their legs, it is important to realize that every day chores are more difficult to do especially in an environment which has not been set up to accommodate the people with the disability.  There are more and more people taking an active interest in the needs of disabled people, and the government is starting to look into the needs of disabled people as well.

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Home Refurbishment Essentials

Refurbishing your home is potentially an exciting time where you really get to put your stamp on your home and make those all important changes to enhance the way you live – from increasing the space of your living area, through adding an extension or just simply creating a more flexible living space which is adapted to you and your family.

There are some things you will need to consider before starting the process however, such as budget, planning permission, practicalities and whether you will need other people to do the work.


If you are planning an extension to your home or even a conversion of your loft or garage to a living space,

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