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How to hide your household eyesores [Infographic]

There will always be a couple of things you want to change in your home, no matter how much effort do you put into decorating every room. These annoying household eyesores will catch your eye every time you enter the room. You know they are useful but you still hate looking at them. You want to find a way to hide it from the plain sight whether it is bulky appliances, messy looking cables or even your Internet router. Is there anything more annoying than green and yellow lights flashing on the side of the TV while you’re watching a… Read more »

13 Clever Hacks for Things You Thought Were Trash

Convert Old Bottles into Flower Vases mod

Wait, don’t bin that without giving it a second look. That thing you consider trash can actually be the base you need to perform a clever and useful hack. Don’t believe in this possibility? Check these 13 tips. 1. Turn bread tags into cord labels Use the tags from your used bread bags to create useful cord labels. It will make your life so much easier… 2. Soap container for a guy’s bathroom All you need is an empty bottle of whisky with a nice design and the top accessory, which you can take from an old bottle of shower… Read more »

How to Design the Ultimate Gaming Room

Let’s face it, it is every gambling man’s dream: the ultimate gaming room. If you have a spare room, even a small one, or if not perhaps you have a garage you can use, then this could be your next DIY project. In any interior design project there are many constraints, the first one being the size and shape of your available space. However even if you are unable to accommodate everything you would like to include in terms of games, a good start is to make a wish list and prioritise it. First you will need to draw up… Read more »

Make living with a disability a little easier

Have you ever been injured and unable to use one of your legs?  Do you know someone with a disability? Then you would have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties that a person with a disability faces on a daily basis. Although many people tend to shy away from people with an obvious disability like a paraplegic or someone who has difficulty with their legs, it is important to realize that every day chores are more difficult to do especially in an environment which has not been set up to accommodate the people with the disability.  There are more and more… Read more »

Great hacks that can make your life easier

There are life hacks so simple, and yet so useful, that you look at them and can’t even believe… We bring you some of these little secrets today, organized by “area of expertise”. Improving and cleaning Cooking and eating Organizing            

Make the best of your weekend: set up the ultimate home theater

Hard week? Nothing better to forget it than a relaxed weekend with lots of quality entertainment. So, how about setting up the ultimate home theater really quick in order to enjoy it over the  next two days? Great idea. Just follow these next steps and you should be good. 1. Build a home theater PC Okay, not actually simple, but possible. First, get a good home theater PC with your favorite operating system and hardware specifications. Have in mind what you want to do with it. and what you want to do with it. For instance, here’s a video that… Read more »

15 Household Items Recreated with Random Objects

The following 15 awesome images prove that with the right mindset, any household object can easily replace another. Enjoy and be sure to shout in the comments if you know of any other awesome examples. 1. Gaming Refrigerator 2. Quick Roast 3. Johnson’s Tap 4. Cool Tap 5. Secure mouse pad 6. Alcoholic Chair 7. Oven Rack 8. Wine Glass 9. Kitchen light Switch 10. Cat Bunker Bed 11. Yummy Bed 12. Beer Cooler 13. Super Blender And the winners are. 14. Bachelors Cooking 15. Manual Microwave

IKEA Hack: iPad/Tablet Stand for Bathroom

We’ve all been guilty of holding our phones or tablets in the bath, trying to tap our way through social media sites, texting friends with our wet, slippery fingers. All the while being fully aware that these devices should go absolutely nowhere near any large pools of water.. But we just can’t help it! If you too, feel the need to stay connected wherever you are, even whilst in the bath, then check out this IKEA hack which converts a wooden Bekvam step stool into an iPad/tablet stand. Source

How to Make Your Apartment Look Like A Murder Scene

I’m a big fan of wall murals for quickly adding style and colour to your apartment walls… but I think these “blood spray” murals might be a bit too much even for me. It’s hardly going to put your date at ease when you bring her/him in for a coffee. I would steer well clear of these murals unless you want your friends to start thinking your Patrick Bateman. Found @