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The Hobbit Apartment–Made Using 2,600 Balloons

Jeremy Telford managed to use balloons to build a corner from Bilbo Baggins home Bag End. This awesome creation used around 2600 balloons and took him 3 days to complete! Looking at the picture above it’s awesome to see that even the little things like fire in the fireplace is still made from Balloons. Watch the video below to see a time lapse of the whole process.

How to Hack Your Apartment Electricity Bill [Infographic]

Source Some useful tips on how leaving gadgets on stand by – $78.73 for one month for a 11 gadgets. I need to get myself this little smart power strip which automatically turns off what you don’t need. I’m not sure that solar power could really help in rainy Manchester but it’s interesting idea for those living in hotter climes.

Awesome Dinnertable/TV Combo for Small Apartments

This awesome set-up was created by the Reddit user hankmarkdukas and he even shows how you can build a flip-top computer for your apartment. It beats just using your laptop on your knees and your going to get way more work done than using a silly little tablet. As one commenter on lifehacker mentioned – this could be a great combo unit for a small apartment. You flip it down for dinner then back up for gaming/work time. Check out the full build here: Via