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The truth about listed buildings: how should you renovate them

All in all, there are three types of listed building. The types comprise of Grade I, Grade II and Grade II*. All of these constructions are of historical importance. Grade I buildings are described as establishments of exceptional interest, Grade II* are perhaps even more important, whilst Grade II buildings are the most protected. If your home is listed and you wish to make a few alterations, by law, you must request planning permission. If you don’t, you may be issued with a large fine or in the worst-case scenario, taken to court. The majority of listed buildings are eligible… Read more »

5 DIY ideas to organize your garage

It’s normal to collect stuff and more stuff in your garage… Until that point where everything is just a mess. Especially when you have kids and their old things end up there, all scattered around. Fortunately, the DIY lovers can resolve this problem in no time with a few tricks. These are just some of them to inspire you!   Use some PVC sections to store short and slim items like pencils or pliers. Inspired in the DIY magnetic knife holders, try to do some holders like these with inexpensive Gladeware. Use them to keep your nuts and bolts. Glue… Read more »

Make your own DIY hidden kitchen organizer

Arrange the clutter that is spread around your kitchen in a nice DIY hidden kitchen organizer. Read the next lines and learn how to make your own. Step 1 Separate the door from the cabinet, get two sheets of metal and glue them to the inside of the door. Step 2 While the cabinet door is drying, you can work on the clothespin organizer. Get a piece of pine craft wood about the size of the door, grab some clothespins to it and glue them on with a strong glue. Step 3 After the glue dries, line the door with… Read more »

7 Amazing one-day decorating projects

Do you have a day off and nothing to do? Relaxing might be a great plan, but if you’re a DIY geek that’s probably not what you are going to do. Here are seven one-day projects that can change an entire room. 1. Paint an accent wall Brighten up your living room with a colorful accent wall, like this vivid yellow. A small, but useful tip: if you choose a bright color similar to this one, paint the wall that is facing north and doesn’t get a large amount of natural light. 2. Wallpaper an accent wall Add a nice pattern… Read more »

Ton(e)s of ideas to paint your furniture

Do you have any old piece of furniture that needs to be replaced? Forget that, let’s go creative and green. Instead of throwing out your old furniture, let’s recycle it with some paint and skills. In the end, you might even get repurposed furniture that will look better than anything bought. And you get to say you’re the author of some real “works of art”. Discover our suggestions! This cabinet looks really sophisticated after some paint. The main color is a nice neutral, but the small light blue lines give it a tip of modernity. A rustic decor would be complete with… Read more »

Make your own garden furniture: 9 DIY ideas

At Apartment Geeks, we often give you advices for your kitchen, living room or bedroom. Even for your bathroom. With all this happening, there’s a place that is usually neglected, but not this time. The garden is our star today and we want to show you some great ideas to create your own DIY outdoor furniture. Cheap and easy! Get four metal crates and attach them. Then, you just need to top them with a long cushion. Get a pallet and paint it white. The second step is to get a comfy cushion and some nice pillows. All you need is… Read more »

9 DIY ideas to reuse old vintage wood doors

You can’t even dream about the possible uses an old door can have. There are dozens of different DIY projects you can choose to reuse one of these vintage items. And they’re not even that hard to find: just try a salvage shop, a yard sale or even a trash pile and apply one or more of these ideas to your new old door. Make a family table. Just add a base or legs with a piece of glass on top of it. Add sides and shelves to the door and create a storage center. With a little work and… Read more »

7 DIY makeovers that will transform your kitchen

Here are seven great ideas to change your kitchen, focusing on your backsplash, the piece of wall between the countertops and the wall cabinets. You can transform an entire room with a few creative changes. Mix some new colors, patterns or textures and improve your backsplash and other parts of your kitchen with these DIY projects. Add a splash of color into your kitchen decoration. You can easily do this by painting a resistant glass with your favorite color and applying it to the backsplash. It looks super modern! Transform your boring backsplash into something more rustic. This one is… Read more »

Frugal value adding home improvements

Many homeowners and first time sellers make the mistake of investing in lots of big renovations that add no value to their home. The trick is to know which areas of the home are worth investing in and which areas will increase your asking price. There are some things you can do which will increase the value of your home without denting your savings. Paint, paint, paint Paint is a great investment and can instantly make your home look like a showroom. Neutral colours are best and you can even paint the doors and trim to keep the rooms looking… Read more »