Living Pots: the perfect solution for the green urban gardener


With a minimal number of parts that are super easy to assemble, the Hakan Gürsu’s Living Pots are a great idea for people who want to plant their own flowers or even mushrooms without having to dispense a lot of space. It’s the perfect planter for the city gardener!

And the Living Pots better feature is that they are composed of 100% recyclable and reused wood and metal, using lumber scraps that would be burned otherwise.

If you’re curious, you can find out more about the creators of this product here and learn how to assemble a Living Pot with this video. But, for now,

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The basic rules to make your apartment more “green”

We’re not talking about painting your apartment, of course! We’re talking about being more environmentally friendly and adopting a batch of simple eco rules.

First thing to do: recycle, recycle and recycle a little bit more. Separate your garbage and don’t use the “but my building doesn’t have recycling services” excuse. Ask your landlord for a recycling bin, he can’t say no to a noble cause like this one.

It’s also important to use saving light bulbs, the eco-friendly kind. This way, you can save a lot of energy and save money. They might cost more in the beginning, but they are a smart option along the way. And, talking about eco-friendly,

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Catch the power of the sun at home and take it anywhere with the Window Socket

What a nice idea! This Window Socket allows its users to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without having to spend a lot of cash in huge panels. It’s a great direct solution to use the power of the sun and all you need to do is place the plug-in in the right spot.

Besides, the design from Kyuho Song & Boa Oh is really nice. Just attach it to any window in your apartment and catch solar energy that will then be converted into electric energy thanks to a converter.

And the best is that when the device is fully charged, you can take it anywhere.

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Stratus Water Filtration System by Zuvo Water

Today Zuvo Water introduces the Stratus water filtration system to the crowd funding site Indiegogo.

Compact Zuvo

Unlike most water filter systems on the market, the Zuvo will be able to feedback information to your smartphone with stats about:

  • the remaining life of the filter
  • the amount of contaminants removed
  • daily rate of water consumption


The app also comes with helpful information about meeting your daily water target and can also account for any changes when you enter details of exercise.

Your need for a water filter can depend on the quality of your local water. The water here in Manchester is actually pretty good but I know plenty of people in London who hate the taste of their water and who regularly buy water filters.

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Gorgeous, Green Water Filter by Soma

Water filter jugs are commonplace in most households nowadays, with the best known brand being Brita. Over the years, brands have redesigned these jugs to make them more appealing, slimmer, convenient yet there’s still something about them that makes them look clunky and rather ugly still.

Soma, a design collective based in San Francisco have designed a gorgeous glass carafe which comes with a 100% compostable water filter. It had pledged a backing of $100,000 on Kickstarter for them to realise their dream project and they’ve easily smashed this goal with well over $106,000 funded already and still 25 days remaining.


The Soma water filter has been designed with the principles of Dieter Ram in mind,

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6 Products For Your Home That Can Cut Your Energy Bill

It’s getting cold again and energy bills are starting to rise. So this awesome video will be really useful to help you to make sure you don\’t get stung by your energy supplier.

The key points of the video:

1. Provide an energy audit of your house/apartment

2. Use a programmable thermostat

3. Use LED bulbs as they use 20% of the energy and last pretty much forever

4. Make sure your home is insulated to get the most from your heating.

5. Door draft guards – a great tip that cost hardly anything

6. Drink a hot beverage to warm yourself from the inside.

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22 Ways to Reuse Old Beer/Wine/Spirits Bottles


After a long weekend you are left to nurse a hangover but you also have the problem of all the empty booze bottles. Luckily the team at Buzzfeed have tracked down 22 simple ways to reuse your old bottles into something useful for your apartment.

Who knows? Maybe the time taken to craft these masterpieces might help to reduce that hangover of yours.

Enjoy the full article:

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Convert Your Broken XBOX Into An Indoor Planter

There are so many people I know who have chucked their old XBOX’s away once broken, I just wish I came across this clever DIY article earlier. It shows you step by step how to convert your unwanted XBOX into an indoor planter Not only is this a brilliant, green way of reusing an XBOX shell, it looks really smart too. Read the full instructions on Curly Productions to see how you can make your own XBOX planter.

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Eco-Charge – The Ecofriendly Portable Charger

I came across this brilliant device named the Eco-Charge, designed by Ardavan Mirhosseini – the Eco-Charge is a small, portable charger developed to give your mobile devices a quick boost by innovatively recycling heat produced by heaters, cook-ware and any other heat producing object using its thermoelectric generator modules.

As this eco-friendly charger has a flexible magnetic surface, you can use it practically anywhere and on any object with a metallic surface, whether you’re in your apartment or out camping with friends and family.

As yet, no price has been confirmed but I’d love to get my hands on one of these. As many who know me can confirm, one of my main gripes is poor battery performances of modern gadgets,

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