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Working out in your apartment without bothering the neighbors

Just because you have neighbors, that doesn’t mean you have to be out of shape. Here is a list of 7 simple and effective workouts you can do anywhere. Try to do them in your living room and you’ll see how quiet you can be while you’re staying fit at the same time. Indoor cycling is great, since it doesn’t cause any impact on the floor. It improves your joints and gets your heart rate up. Get a set of hand weights and work your arms doing bicep curls, arm circles, shoulder presses, shoulder raises or tricep kickbacks. Effective and noiseless!… Read more »

A simple workout that can exercise your whole body in only 7 minutes

If you don’t have the time to go to the gym every day, how about doing a 7 minute workout that can exercise your whole body? You better believe it: this routine of 12 exercises is a complete workout based on the latest research and the best thing is that it really works. This short workout is based on interval training, combining intense activity with brief recovery periods. Really quick, simple and you don’t need any kind of equipment (well, only a chair, but everybody has a chair…). This routine is so good that it was even published in the May-June… Read more »

My Thoughts on Smart-Tec Protein Powder and Bars

Having taken up Crossfit at Crossfit3D only a few months ago, I’d been looking for some decent protein supplements to complement my training. Before starting Crossfit, BMF (British Military Fitness) was my staple exercise and while it was tough, it only really required cardio strength. Crossfit is a mix of MMA style training, gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting and while I’d class myself as fairly fit, I have never lifted any weight in my life! So have been wanting to add some supplements to my training and diet. I was recommended by a friend to try Smart-Tec WheyFX protein powder (strawberries &… Read more »

Don’t bother with the pool.. you just need FitWet

So you got a small apartment and no space for a pool… what option have you got? A gym membership? whilst way cheaper its still a big too far to walk for some who knows what kind of weirdo’s you could meet in a municipal pool. This awesome luxury gadget is a exercise bike encased by a tiny pool. So you get the benefits of the bike but your joints and knees are protected by the water. At $18,000 this is unlikely to appearing in any apartments soon but you never know. Read the full article and video here:

Nike+ Kinect the perfect Apartment Exercise

The team at Gizmodo have shared a video about an awesome new gadget created by Nike+ and Microsoft Kinect team.  It’s billed as like having a personal trainer in your living room. The team at Nike worked with Microsoft to improve the accuracy of Kinect so now it will detect you even when performing detailed floor work movements. Like a personal trainer it first finds your overall fitness then sets challenges to meet your goals. Time to cancel the gym membership and stay inside this winter. Read the full article and video here:

Is Apartment living turning you insane?

This article from scared the hell out of me. It talks about research that shows that city dwellers are putting them self at more risk of stress and in turn this can lead an increased risk of mental illness. The full article states a number of academic studies that show an increase in mental illness related to the increase in people living in cities. Thankfully,  as the article points out cities are big places and its hard to pin point exact causes with out understanding what goes on behind the data. Some good news is that better planned cities… Read more »

Burpees – The Ultimate Exercise You Can Do Anywhere!

I have a love-hate relationship with burpees. They are a staple exercise at BMF (British Military Fitness) which I’ve been attending since June 2009. You’d think they’d get easier the more you do; it never does though. But while they’re a bitch of an exercise, if I had to choose, I absolutely rate burpees as the single best all over body exercise you can possibly do as it tests both your strength and your aerobic capacity. There’s no other reason why elite military forces, crossfit and football teams regularly include burpees into their fitness regime, other than as swift, effective… Read more »

The Rock Climbing Treadmill– Another reason not to leave your apartment

As Julie will tell you, I love rock climbing but…I have a secret. I have never gone outside to climb “real” rocks. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand the whole thrill of the outdoors.. but I just can’t find the time to do more than hit the indoor climbing wall once a week. Thus the gadget above is perfect for me. Its a vertical treadmill to allow climbers to improve their skills. You can easily adjust the angle (+5 to *20) and l assume you can change the holds to adjust grades. With this gadget installed in my apartment,… Read more »