Ideas for Extending Your Kitchen

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Lately, there has been a rising demand for open-plan kitchen diners as more homeowners seek a change from formal dining rooms and separate cramped kitchens. This increasing preference for a combined kitchen and dining area is fueled by a need for a more laid-back family space. The kitchen diner is rapidly becoming the new heart [...]

11 Household Uses for Food

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Food is obviously great to eat, but not just for that. You can actually use several types of food and drinks around the house and even implement them in your daily beauty and health routines. Here are 11 tips on how to use food in other ways than the obvious that will surely blow your [...]

Bright and cheery kitchen decorating ideas

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It is quite common for apartments to have small, dark kitchens.  For those who enjoy cooking, this can be a real problem, but don’t let big cooking dreams get washed down a tiny drain; just make those dreams a little smaller and more neatly organised Every room in the home, especially the kitchen, improves with [...]

12 Small details that will make your kitchen stand out


All magnificent rooms are made of details, that’s what makes any space stand out and be unique. That is why we gathered these next 12 examples of nice details you can add to your kitchen. It will be the envy of all your fellow cooks! 1. Open shelves Open shelves are not only practical, but [...]

Choose your favorite banquette style from these 8 options


A banquette can be a super special part of your kitchen. This is the place where the family gets together in the morning to eat breakfast and the place where you drink your tea and try to relax while reading the newspaper, waiting for dinner to cook. So, why wouldn’t you want it to be [...]

How to incorporate red countertops in your kitchen or bathroom

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Red countertops can be an object of desire in any kitchen or bathroom, but they can also be a dreaded item once you have already bought them. That’s the time when you start thinking how will you match them with your kitchen cabinets or bathroom tiles, for instance. But, fear not, as it’s super easy [...]

7 DIY makeovers that will transform your kitchen


Here are seven great ideas to change your kitchen, focusing on your backsplash, the piece of wall between the countertops and the wall cabinets. You can transform an entire room with a few creative changes. Mix some new colors, patterns or textures and improve your backsplash and other parts of your kitchen with these DIY [...]

13 Different kitchen styles to inspire you

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One of the first things people must do when they buy a new apartment is deciding what kind of style their home is going to have. We decide to help and chose some very different kitchen styles to inspire you. Making a decision isn’t easy, but we hope that our help can make this process [...]

Kitchen trends: draw inspiration from these examples


We recently saw this kitchen makeover here and thought that it would be good to leave you the hottest kitchen trends right now. So, if you’re renovating your own kitchen, why don’t you take a look at our suggestions? These next few pictures will give you an example of good decoration and organization tips that [...]

How to correctly store your food: counter, pantry, fridge or freezer?


Recently, we talked about the best way to store food in your fridge. Remember? Well, today, we come back with more kitchen chapters with tips on where you should store your favorite ingredients. A great part of treating food correctly is knowing the best places to store it and for how long, so here we [...]