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7 Affordable Remodels to Increase Your Apartment Resale Value

Are you getting ready to put your apartment up for sale? Probably the biggest question on your mind is how to get top dollar for your property. It turns out that by investing into the right remodels right before you sell, you can make your apartment highly appealing to a wide range of buyers. And no we are not talking about dropping thousands of dollars on a complete kitchen remodel, or another expensive and labor intensive project! Instead, consider these 7 quick and affordable remodels that are known to bring in a consistently high ROI at resale. What Are Buyers… Read more »

Ideas for Extending Your Kitchen

Lately, there has been a rising demand for open-plan kitchen diners as more homeowners seek a change from formal dining rooms and separate cramped kitchens. This increasing preference for a combined kitchen and dining area is fueled by a need for a more laid-back family space. The kitchen diner is rapidly becoming the new heart of the home, allowing families to cook and eat together or entertain guests whenever they wish. Children can also use this room to do their homework or hangout with their friends, eliminating the need to hide out in their rooms. It also provides an area… Read more »

Bright and cheery kitchen decorating ideas

It is quite common for apartments to have small, dark kitchens.  For those who enjoy cooking, this can be a real problem, but don\’t let big cooking dreams get washed down a tiny drain; just make those dreams a little smaller and more neatly organised Every room in the home, especially the kitchen, improves with a little organisation, a lick of fresh paint and new implements. Here are some great ways to create a bright and cheery kitchen, even in the tiniest of apartments. Simple changes make a big difference. Plain or plastic cabinet pulls often highlight the problem places… Read more »

12 Small details that will make your kitchen stand out

All magnificent rooms are made of details, that’s what makes any space stand out and be unique. That is why we gathered these next 12 examples of nice details you can add to your kitchen. It will be the envy of all your fellow cooks! 1. Open shelves Open shelves are not only practical, but also provide an excellent opportunity to display your best kitchen items. Choose white shelving units and decorate them with your best vintage dishware. 2. Window backsplash Enhance the amount of natural light in your kitchen by creating a glass backsplash. It’s still resistant to water… Read more »

How to incorporate red countertops in your kitchen or bathroom

Red countertops can be an object of desire in any kitchen or bathroom, but they can also be a dreaded item once you have already bought them. That’s the time when you start thinking how will you match them with your kitchen cabinets or bathroom tiles, for instance. But, fear not, as it’s super easy to incorporate a red countertop in your kitchen. Actually, if we’re talking about a neutral space, they will look perfect and there’s no need to do any change whatsoever. Check these examples and you’ll see what we’re trying to say. Red countertops in the kitchen… Read more »

7 DIY makeovers that will transform your kitchen

Here are seven great ideas to change your kitchen, focusing on your backsplash, the piece of wall between the countertops and the wall cabinets. You can transform an entire room with a few creative changes. Mix some new colors, patterns or textures and improve your backsplash and other parts of your kitchen with these DIY projects. Add a splash of color into your kitchen decoration. You can easily do this by painting a resistant glass with your favorite color and applying it to the backsplash. It looks super modern! Transform your boring backsplash into something more rustic. This one is… Read more »

13 Different kitchen styles to inspire you

One of the first things people must do when they buy a new apartment is deciding what kind of style their home is going to have. We decide to help and chose some very different kitchen styles to inspire you. Making a decision isn’t easy, but we hope that our help can make this process faster and simpler for you. The architectural kitchen combines odd forms and custom made cabinets with sleek complements like the table and chairs. The wide cabinets and the massive fridge combine perfectly with the massive art work and the simple elements like the rug in this artistic kitchen. Bright… Read more »

Kitchen trends: draw inspiration from these examples

We recently saw this kitchen makeover here and thought that it would be good to leave you the hottest kitchen trends right now. So, if you’re renovating your own kitchen, why don’t you take a look at our suggestions? These next few pictures will give you an example of good decoration and organization tips that can make your kitchen go from ‘blah’ to amazing. Checkerboard floors are super cool when you’re looking for a retro look. They can add some visual interest to your kitchen and make it seem wider. Also, take a look at the left, where that nice… Read more »

Amazing tip to keep your nonstick pans like new

There’s nothing more convenient to cook a quick and healthy meal than a nonstick pan, but they tend to get scratched with time and that nonsticking effect wears off little by little. But there’s a secret that can make your nonstick pan live longer! It’s super simple. After you have washed and cleaned the pan, heat it up a little bit on the stove and apply a thin layer of oil. Then, wipe the excess with a paper towel. Don’t wash it next, just keep it like that until the next time. It may seem strange, but doing this consistently… Read more »