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The Maple Set knives: the wooden “guns” for all the chefs out there

Look carefully at these knives, cause they might confuse you. The design if from FDRL, a design office based in Ottawa, and they’re so Canadian they are called Maple Set. Of course, they are made of maple wood, but they also look like they would chop your fingers off if you’re not incredibly focused on the carrot in front of you. According to FDRL, these two knives may seem lightweight, but  “their weight is balanced to ensure that they can be used by any level of chef”. Also, they ensure that the wood is sealed and allow an easy cleanup. That being… Read more »

Hook Cookware Collection

If you are looking for some new cookware for your kitchen, maybe you will like the new “Hook” collection by Karim Rashid. He designed it for “TVS”, Italian kitchenware company and it was presented at “2013 Ambiente Fair” in Frankfurt. Karim has over three thousand designs in production, and this is his newest work. He already got over 300 awards for his designs, so we are sure this cookware will also bring him some more fame. Does he deserve that or not, see for yourself. The Hook collection consist of a colorful pot and a pan with lids that allow… Read more »

Wine Bottle Sizes: Does Size Count?

People around the world have had a love affair with wine since the olden days. The Germans enjoy their dry Rieslings, the French have their Romanee Conti and different parts of the world have their own versions. If you think it’s just the taste that makes wine interesting, you are wrong. Wine bottle sizes are equally interesting and fascinating to learn. Have you ever seen a wine bottle as big as 16 regular bottles? Whether you’re a wine geek or not, it is definitely exciting to learn more about their sizes and their corresponding names. Why Does Size Matter? Knowledge… Read more »

3 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets For Tiny Apartments

If you have ever lived in a tiny apartment, you know that kitchen space is rare. If you want space for your blender, toaster, steamer, rice cooker; then you will need to choose gadgets that are multi-purpose and have a small sideboard footprint as possible. Here are 3 gadgets that are prefect for tiny apartments: 1. Dish Rack for Tiny Apartments This dish rack can hold plates, silverware and cups as can even store flat when not in use. Perfect for the even the tiniest of apartments. Sadly it’s not yet on sale Source 2. The Ultimate Steamer Steaming food… Read more »

Stratus Water Filtration System by Zuvo Water

Today Zuvo Water introduces the Stratus water filtration system to the crowd funding site Indiegogo. Unlike most water filter systems on the market, the Zuvo will be able to feedback information to your smartphone with stats about: the remaining life of the filter the amount of contaminants removed daily rate of water consumption The app also comes with helpful information about meeting your daily water target and can also account for any changes when you enter details of exercise. Your need for a water filter can depend on the quality of your local water. The water here in Manchester is actually… Read more »

Purpil Basil – 5 Reasons You Should Grow it in Your Apartment

Purple basil doesn’t get the same attention as it’s green cousin but it should. One great reason is that purple basil is actually easier to grow and needs less care and attention than the green variety. Which can be a major issue for apartment dwellers who work long hours. I have often had my green basil die on me, only to find the purple variety has survived. Check out my 6 tips for choosing purple basil for your apartment: It’s colour is awesome and can really work well with dishes with cream. The pesto is the “best I have ever… Read more »

5 Awesome Apartment Links–New Year Special

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Last week was relatively slow in the blogging world but there was a couple of awesome articles that I thought you would love. 1. 8 Things That Really Stop Hangovers – BuzzFeed With New Years Eve tomorrow, this article might be useful to help ease the pain on New Years Day. My personal favourite is asparagus.. as I just love the stuff and any hangover beating power is just a bonus. Check out the other 7 items : 2. 7 Best Apartment Designs of 2012 It’s coming to the end of… Read more »

15 Food Storage Gadgets That Cost Less Than $40

When you live in an apartment, kitchen space is always at a premium.  I sometimes think that apartment designers assume that the tenants will just eat Dominos pizzas and never get round to actually cooking. In our kitchen we have tried a few ways to expand our space but we are always looking for more ideas. This article from Gizmodo outlines 15 awesome little products you can look our for in the January Sales. My personal favourite is the ”Pan Tree” system – I am trying to currently fit 6 pans in my small cupboard and it’s a nightmare. See… Read more »

A Blender That Looks Like a Diamond

Every apartment dweller needs a blender and now thanks to Yanko Design, we can have something that looks freaking awesome. If you have not got a blender then your missing out on all the amazing smoothies, soups and sauces you can easily put together with the touch of a button. In, fact we are so blender mad here at Apartment Geeks that we are planning to put together a selection of our top “blender recipes” in a future blog post.  Watch this space! “It shines bright like a diamond!” See more here: