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11 Awesome Home Office Ideas for Small Apartments

Fitting a home office into a small apartment can seem like an impossible thing to do. But, if you think that, you can’t be more wrong. Just look at these awesome ideas for home offices. You will definitely find something that you like! 1. Under The Bed If you don’t have anywhere to put your office desk in your small apartment, then this will be the perfect solution for you. All you need is a loft bed and you can put your office desk underneath it. 2. Hanging Laptop Organizer / Computer Desk Perfect idea for a small apartment is… Read more »

12 Strangest Objects You Can Turn into Apartment Furniture

British Telephone Box Couch modBritish Telephone Box Couch mod

Some DIY projects are “obvious”. You can obviously change the colour of that table you like so much, for instance. However, there are other DIY projects that are a bit more original and unexpected. Here are 12 examples. 1. Wine bottles Your used wine bottles can have a second life as part of an original chandelier. 2. British telephone box This one – turning a traditional British telephone box into a sofa – is not exactly easy to do by yourself, but it is a great idea anyway. 3. Unicycle Stabilizing them is obviously mandatory, but once you do that you can… Read more »

Some Classic Home Decoration Inspiration

When you\’re in the line of work I\’m in, it is easy to lose yourself in the vast hinterlands of the internet dedicated to interior design. In the past, word of mouth, showrooms, magazines and the unique quirks of your own imagination were your research materials, though with the advent of the web your opportunities for inspiration were multiplied by a factor of, well, one of those numbers whose numbers stretch right off towards the horizon! Now, this wealth of choice is of course an opportunity. However, you should be aware that is is also a hindrance, much like trying… Read more »

Choosing the perfect sofa for your apartment

Most people think that having a sofa in a small apartment just isn’t possible, but nothing could be further from the truth. Shopping for a sofa or any piece of furniture for a small flat just takes a little extra planning and consideration, but it is possible to find the perfect piece. As the quest for the perfect sofa continues, consider these suggestions. What to consider when shopping Buying furniture for a small room can be tricky, especially if the space doesn’t easily allow for many pieces. When considering sofas, it is a good idea to avoid overstuffed options and… Read more »

Ton(e)s of ideas to paint your furniture

Do you have any old piece of furniture that needs to be replaced? Forget that, let’s go creative and green. Instead of throwing out your old furniture, let’s recycle it with some paint and skills. In the end, you might even get repurposed furniture that will look better than anything bought. And you get to say you’re the author of some real “works of art”. Discover our suggestions! This cabinet looks really sophisticated after some paint. The main color is a nice neutral, but the small light blue lines give it a tip of modernity. A rustic decor would be complete with… Read more »

6 Mandatory items for small living room owners

There is one big rule you must follow when shopping furniture for a small space: everything should serve more than one purpose! And if you can hang furniture on the wall, all the better. Take a look at these 6 items we chose for your small living room. The first essential piece is a shelf (or more, if you need). Like we said before, everything that you can hang on the wall is a benefit. Place your shelves behind the sofa or from top to bottom to decorate a nude wall. Consider getting a coffee table with storage space. And… Read more »

The best places to buy handcrafted furniture and other designer items

Do you love handmade and vintage objects? It may not be easy to find good handcrafted furniture and other items, but we have found six websites that have it all. Take a look! Etsy So, Etsy is the leading online store for the people who want to buy handcrafted and vintage products. Big Cartel The site Big Cartel has a nice section of handmade items, which is full of great designer products. Wood Design The Canadian site Wood Design works with independent designers and gathers all their products in a unique place. Supermarket Supermarket connects designers and consumers, showing new and… Read more »

Say goodbye to that mess: Desk Rail promises to keep your desk super organized

After gathering all the necessary funds at Kickstarter, Desk Rail is now good to go! The smart and sleek desk organizer is a useful accessory, designed to keep everything in their place. The device has almost 17 inches of width, is about three inches deep and two inches tall, so it can tuck nicely behind your keyboard. Its anodized finish is great looking, but the accessory is actually very resistant and it also has a cabling channel and removable side doors, for a better desk organization. The silicon feet keep your desk as new and allow the cords to pass… Read more »

Meet GoodKnight, the bed that fights bugs and germs

Have you ever heard about a bed that is 100 percent free of bugs and germs all the time? We bet you already did, since the GoodKnight team has been promoting their new project in the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Their idea materialized in a unique bug-free and allergy-free bed that can also make dust mites and germs stay away. Basically, GoodKnight is a comfortable heat-purified bed that can quickly eliminate bed bug infestations and provide total protection 24/7. It’s also a stylish piece for your home! The GoodKnight model has a built-in defense system that can kill any lurking pests trying to reach… Read more »