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Choosing the perfect sofa for your apartment

Most people think that having a sofa in a small apartment just isn’t possible, but nothing could be further from the truth. Shopping for a sofa or any piece of furniture for a small flat just takes a little extra planning and consideration, but it is possible to find the perfect piece. As the quest for the perfect sofa continues, consider these suggestions. What to consider when shopping Buying furniture for a small room can be tricky, especially if the space doesn’t easily allow for many pieces. When considering sofas, it is a good idea to avoid overstuffed options and… Read more »

Every photographer’s new favorite stool

This awesome stool, shaped like a Canon lens, seems kind of fluffy, but it’s actually made of wood. However, it’s quite soft, comfortable and obviously amazing. Photographers all over the world – both professionals and amateurs – won’t mind with the size of this lens, we’re sure. The stool was designed by Monoculo Design Studio and it’s for sale on the online shop Etsy for $760. Kind of mimicking the prices of real photography equipment… The stool has some nice details like the cool color mix and the fact that it’s hand-made with Ayous wood.  People from Monoculo say it’s the ideal… Read more »

Gesture Chair

Steelcase has designed a new perfect chair that support posture changes specifically influenced by technology devices we use today. It still can be used as a regular chair when using our desk computer, but it is perfect for using mobile phones and tablets too. They created this chair after doing few studies which show them that there are few new postures people have because using mobile devices. So, they designed the Gesture chair – first chair designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies. Improved reclining back provide continuous and persistent support, floating arms moves like the human arm, and… Read more »

Paw Chair by LumiSource

If you are looking for the greatest chair ever for your kids room, look no more because you found it! This amazingly cute paw chair is designed by LumiSource and it is so adorable. Paw chair is shaped like a leopard paw and your kids will love it. The chair is made with sturdy wooden frame and it is surrounded by a foam cushion enclosed in plush fabric. As you can see, it has a really unique design and the designers say it is pretty comfortable, so we will trust them! Paw Chair sells on Amazon for $216.00 with Free… Read more »

Comfortable Piu Sofa

Comfortable Piu Sofa is designed by Werner Baumhakl for Intertime. At first sight it looks just like conventional style sofa, but that is not even close to the truth. With a single move, basic and classic couch transforms in seconds into a luxury lounger with folding armrests, adjustable backrests and removable hinged headrests. Perfect for any living room! The Piu sofa is so comfortable and soft looking because of the goose quill filled cushions set atop slim chrome feet (which can be high gloss chrome, brushed chrome or smoked chrome – your choice). It is available in different upholstery materials… Read more »

Simple NaMu Chair

The NaMu chair was designed by young artist Peter Yong Ra. The ‘NaMu’ means ‘tree’ in Korean and designer gave it that name to celebrate the importance of family roots. It was made from white oak, teak and paper cord and you can see that natural curves of this chair are also inspired by the roots of those trees the chair was made from. It is so simple, solid and minimalistic that you have to love it. – NaMu was designed to embody family valuables and the sensibilities rewarded from them – says the designer Peter Yong Ra. He wanted… Read more »

On Cloud Nine

Imagine having soft and fluffy clouds in your own apartment. Wouldn’t that be a perfect place to just lay down, meditate and relax a little? Well, that is now more than possible with this Cirrus sofa collection by Lubo Majer for Dizajno. Cirrus is the series of fun, comfy, gentle and soft lounges and sofas. They look amazing, and they are also as comfortable as they look! You will feel like you are in the clouds! This wonderful furniture is covered with OSB rigid frame, using sinuous spring system in seat and backrest, and it also uses a high quality… Read more »

The Dent Chair

All of you out there who love modern designs are surely watching what is happening on Stockholm Furniture Fair every year. There are always so much perfect furniture designs presented on that fair, that we just can’t stop looking at all those photos! This year wasn’t an exception! What caught our eye is a Dent Chair by Bla Station. It looks really weird with that dented surface, like someone has beaten up the chair, but that gives her some cool aesthetic, don’t you agree? And when we see all that trendy colours – we immediately imagine it around our dining… Read more »

Finally a Posh Cardboard Chair

This design is an awesome way to make use of cardboard boxes that are sent to recycling every day.  This project was set-up on KickStarter and is already past it’s funding goal so this will happen. For around $150 you receive a zinc-plated base with a repurposed laminated cardboard boxes for you to sit on.  If your not a big fan of the “cardboard” look you can easily add covers to make it more inviting. There are 19 days to go on kickstarter so if you want one, grab it now: Via