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Scrap Wood and Resin Chair

I’m a big fan of recycled furniture designs and here, Sueng Han Lee has built a fully usable chair from scraps of unwanted wood. He remarks on the project, “I am fascinated and inspired by the process of creating something new out of the old”. The bits are joined together using plastic resin which you can see bleeding out from between the sections, which gives it a really colourful and artistic edge. Source

AT-AT inspired Folding Chair

Folding chairs normally conjure up thoughts of cheap crappie things you used to end up sitting on in high school (usually when your were naughty!) This Canadian design looks like something kids would be queuing to get a chance to try out  – thanks to it looking like the awesome AT-AT from Star Wars. The chair folds together like a book thanks to a bone like system. If you grab these chairs, I promise the next time you have friends round your apartment for cocktails, everyone will be fighting to sit on the “spare” chairs. Source via