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Say goodbye to that mess: Desk Rail promises to keep your desk super organized

After gathering all the necessary funds at Kickstarter, Desk Rail is now good to go! The smart and sleek desk organizer is a useful accessory, designed to keep everything in their place. The device has almost 17 inches of width, is about three inches deep and two inches tall, so it can tuck nicely behind your keyboard. Its anodized finish is great looking, but the accessory is actually very resistant and it also has a cabling channel and removable side doors, for a better desk organization. The silicon feet keep your desk as new and allow the cords to pass… Read more »

Meet the Bookdesk: the ultimate tool for professionals without time to waste

There it is, the dream of any worker with a taste for good design: the Bookdesk. Is it a shelf? Is it a desk? No, it’s both things mashed up into one good looking piece of furniture, created by Damien Van Durme, whose work you can get to know here. Like the name says, the Bookdesk is the rendition of a functional workspace, ideal for small spaces. It’s just perfect for keeping the books you use on a daily base, while you’re working. Source  

Amazing Working Desk

Here is the perfect working desk designed for modern interiors. It has plenty of storage space – two drawers, a niche and even a tiny drawer for small things in the table. It also has two pockets on the bench. As you can see – enough space for all your work related things. It was created by Moh Portuondo Alvarez and we have to admit that it just looks amazing. This stunning table is called ‘Smöly Desk’ and it can perfectly fit in any interior. The furniture pieces are made of rich coulored wood without using any glue, screws or… Read more »

‘Real Soft Desk’ – A Desk You Can Sleep At

If you’re one of the many millions of people who spend more time sat at their desks, on their computers then this Real Soft Desk by Dawoon Song would be great for extra comfort and a perfect companion for those late nights when you want a little power nap. This smart looking desk has been softened around the edges and upholstered to give it a gentle and cushioned feel. For more information check out

Ultimate Integrated Workstation–Awesome for Home Offices

This workstation was designed by Herman Miller and provides not just a place to work… but also a place to rest. If you work at home, it’s too easy to just slip into the bedroom for a quick nap and then the next thing you know it’s 6pm…. and the kids are home from school! This workstation would be great for a home office as it takes hardly any space at all. See more images of this workstation in action:

Minji Cardboard Furniture for Micro Apartments

While there is a demographic of young urbanites moving around often, living in apartments and other temporary accommodation, there is also a need for temporary and affordable furniture. Introducing ‘Minji’, a collection of “collapsable, flat-packable, modular cardboard furniture” designed and created by Phaedra Harder, Stephanie McDonell, Azalia Musa and Celeste Horgan. The collection comprises of the Stickstack Shelf ($15), Zippak Stool ($20), X-Slot Table ($70) and the Telecomb Couch ($100) and was aimed at the urban nomads who regularly move around therefore choose cheaper furniture, typically IKEA. But while IKEA goods use materials of the permanent type; wood, metal and MDF,… Read more »

XTable, The Adjustable Ergonomic Desk

It’s often reported that sitting all day at work is bad for one’s health, with various sites claiming it will increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and ultimately shorten your life. A rather dark infographic highlighted that sitting for six hours or more a day will increase the risk of death by up to 40%. These reasons alone should be enough of a selling point for this adjustable desk named the XTable, designed by KiBiSi, a Danish design studio. The desk adjusts manually through the use of a mechanical hand crank, which in turn saves energy thus making it… Read more »

Cool And Creative Writing Desks For Apartments

  I don’t know about you, but my desk is where I spend pretty much most of my time when I’m in my apartment, whether I’m online looking for inspiration, penning my next blog post or drawing. This post rounds up ten cool writing desks, some are sleek, perfect for minimalist types, others are plain funky. My favourite is the Z Curvilinear Desk (pictured) as its curved and asymmetrical style is very Tim Burtonesque.