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How to Organize your Closet? [Infographic]

We originally created an infographic titled How to Organise your Wardrobe. After having spoken to some of our American audiences, it suddenly dawned on us that the US have their own way of describing that piece of furniture where one keeps all their handbags and gladrags. In response, we changed the infographic title to ‘How to Organize Your Closet’ to appeal to our American audiences too. Lesson learnt:- It’s vital to think of your target audience and their needs and wishes. Some may say, ah tomato tomahto ‘ but it is important to the overall success of the infographic. Now… Read more »

Floppy Disk Table – Ultimate Geek Furniture

If you are a fan of Justin Bieber you probably don’t recognise what the above coffee table looks like. This 1.44mb ultra retro design was designed by Neulant Van Exel and the steel part actually slides to reveal a secret storage area. Bonus points for adding your favourite retro game label or “Windows 3.1 disk 3”. See more images of the table here:

How to 3D Print Your Next Ikea Lampshade

We have covered 3D printers before and I really think they are going to be a game changer in 2013. I found the following Behance project which shows how Samuel Bernier managed to print out a replacement lampshade for his broken IKEA lamp. After creating the first lampshade, he then went on to design another 12 different designs. Each lampshade took around 4-12 hours to print and total cost was usually 10 time less than buying it from IKEA when using a UP! or Makerbot Read the whole article here: