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Secret tips to furnish your apartment cheaply

Are you a poor college student? Or maybe a young adult looking for your first job in a new city? Anyway, you need a place to live. Since you still don’t have a job (and money), but aspire to some independence, you need to furnish your new apartment and spend the least amount of money possible. You also want furniture that can last for a while, so forget about the cheapest products of the big stores like IKEA. That being said, here are some great advices to help you furnish your new house properly. 1. Call your friends and family… Read more »

Can you imagine having clothing and furniture inspired in Downton Abbey? They are arriving this year

Finally, our homes can be a little bit more like Downton Abbey. We hope you don’t have to change your outfit three times a day for each meal, but, soon, you’ll be able to have clothing, homeware and furniture inspired in the British TV series. The show’s executive producer, Gareth Neame, has announced that NBC Universal, which is now the owner of the show’s production company, called Carnival Films, will be launching this year several Downton-related products for your home. “We’ll be working across an entire range of products coming out this year. From fashion, apparel and homeware and furniture to… Read more »

Every photographer’s new favorite stool

This awesome stool, shaped like a Canon lens, seems kind of fluffy, but it’s actually made of wood. However, it’s quite soft, comfortable and obviously amazing. Photographers all over the world – both professionals and amateurs – won’t mind with the size of this lens, we’re sure. The stool was designed by Monoculo Design Studio and it’s for sale on the online shop Etsy for $760. Kind of mimicking the prices of real photography equipment… The stool has some nice details like the cool color mix and the fact that it’s hand-made with Ayous wood.  People from Monoculo say it’s the ideal… Read more »

There’s a robber in the house? Quick, grab your night stand

You can stop fearing robbers at night with this special night stand. Turn from a sleepy weepy into a mighty knight in just a few seconds. Well, depending on how long you take to wake up. The Self Defense Night Stand was designed for people who don’t like to have guns in the house (and for the geeks too…). You can just simply get up from bed, grab the stand’s base, using it as a club, and then the flat surface and use it as a shield. We’re not sure if these tools can stop an armed gun, but in… Read more »

Meet the Bookdesk: the ultimate tool for professionals without time to waste

There it is, the dream of any worker with a taste for good design: the Bookdesk. Is it a shelf? Is it a desk? No, it’s both things mashed up into one good looking piece of furniture, created by Damien Van Durme, whose work you can get to know here. Like the name says, the Bookdesk is the rendition of a functional workspace, ideal for small spaces. It’s just perfect for keeping the books you use on a daily base, while you’re working. Source  

Chouchou Table

We all want a table that will fit perfectly to our apartment and to our personality also. It is not always easy to find a piece of furniture that is perfect like that. Well, this Chouchou Table might be all that. This modern and unique table absorbs your personality, because you can put anything that represents you inside. The Chouchou table is made of a hard frame wrapped around with approximately 500 meters of a flexible string. It is really one of a kind. Because of its special structure it enables you to put all of your favorite objects inside…. Read more »

Gesture Chair

Steelcase has designed a new perfect chair that support posture changes specifically influenced by technology devices we use today. It still can be used as a regular chair when using our desk computer, but it is perfect for using mobile phones and tablets too. They created this chair after doing few studies which show them that there are few new postures people have because using mobile devices. So, they designed the Gesture chair – first chair designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies. Improved reclining back provide continuous and persistent support, floating arms moves like the human arm, and… Read more »

Paw Chair by LumiSource

If you are looking for the greatest chair ever for your kids room, look no more because you found it! This amazingly cute paw chair is designed by LumiSource and it is so adorable. Paw chair is shaped like a leopard paw and your kids will love it. The chair is made with sturdy wooden frame and it is surrounded by a foam cushion enclosed in plush fabric. As you can see, it has a really unique design and the designers say it is pretty comfortable, so we will trust them! Paw Chair sells on Amazon for $216.00 with Free… Read more »

Comfortable Piu Sofa

Comfortable Piu Sofa is designed by Werner Baumhakl for Intertime. At first sight it looks just like conventional style sofa, but that is not even close to the truth. With a single move, basic and classic couch transforms in seconds into a luxury lounger with folding armrests, adjustable backrests and removable hinged headrests. Perfect for any living room! The Piu sofa is so comfortable and soft looking because of the goose quill filled cushions set atop slim chrome feet (which can be high gloss chrome, brushed chrome or smoked chrome – your choice). It is available in different upholstery materials… Read more »