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12 Strangest Objects You Can Turn into Apartment Furniture

British Telephone Box Couch modBritish Telephone Box Couch mod

Some DIY projects are “obvious”. You can obviously change the colour of that table you like so much, for instance. However, there are other DIY projects that are a bit more original and unexpected. Here are 12 examples. 1. Wine bottles Your used wine bottles can have a second life as part of an original chandelier. 2. British telephone box This one – turning a traditional British telephone box into a sofa – is not exactly easy to do by yourself, but it is a great idea anyway. 3. Unicycle Stabilizing them is obviously mandatory, but once you do that you can… Read more »

6 Mandatory items for small living room owners

There is one big rule you must follow when shopping furniture for a small space: everything should serve more than one purpose! And if you can hang furniture on the wall, all the better. Take a look at these 6 items we chose for your small living room. The first essential piece is a shelf (or more, if you need). Like we said before, everything that you can hang on the wall is a benefit. Place your shelves behind the sofa or from top to bottom to decorate a nude wall. Consider getting a coffee table with storage space. And… Read more »

Meet GoodKnight, the bed that fights bugs and germs

Have you ever heard about a bed that is 100 percent free of bugs and germs all the time? We bet you already did, since the GoodKnight team has been promoting their new project in the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Their idea materialized in a unique bug-free and allergy-free bed that can also make dust mites and germs stay away. Basically, GoodKnight is a comfortable heat-purified bed that can quickly eliminate bed bug infestations and provide total protection 24/7. It’s also a stylish piece for your home! The GoodKnight model has a built-in defense system that can kill any lurking pests trying to reach… Read more »

Sofa With A Sleeping Bag

Who doesn’t want a sleeping bag which is big enough to completely cover you up, whilst feeling like a bed. And if that sleeping bag is integrated with some cool sofa – even better! Well, thanks to Stephanie Hornig, an Austrian product designer and University of the Arts graduate currently based in London, you can now have modern looking sofa with integrated sleeping bag! It looks so soft and comfortable, and when you need it, it is easily transformed into a regular couch. This cool sofa belongs to a series of furniture inspired by camping. When you want to go… Read more »

Convertible Sofa

If you live in a small apartment, then you probably like interior items that don’t take much space and they have to be multifunctional. Well, this cool convertible sofa is all that! Designer is Julia Kononenko from Ukraine and she created this awesome piece of furniture for a living room. – In our apartments we are always in the confrontation with furniture for the living space. It is so important that the interior items possess little space, are multifunctional and small in size – wrote Julia Kononenko on her Behance page. This sofa can easily be transformed into a dining… Read more »

How to Install a Steel Door and Frame

One would normally think that installing a steel door and frame is a task for the professionals. But through the following steps, every apartment geek can accomplish the said task. Required Materials ? shims ? wall board and wall board tape ? screws ? screwdriver ? metal studs ? steel door and frame kit ? hammer ? nails ? pry bar Steps to Install a Steel Door and Frame 1. Use a pry bar to pull the upper molding of the existing door. Repeat the steps on the bottom and middle part of the molding. Push the hinge pins out… Read more »

Minji Cardboard Furniture for Micro Apartments

While there is a demographic of young urbanites moving around often, living in apartments and other temporary accommodation, there is also a need for temporary and affordable furniture. Introducing ‘Minji’, a collection of “collapsable, flat-packable, modular cardboard furniture” designed and created by Phaedra Harder, Stephanie McDonell, Azalia Musa and Celeste Horgan. The collection comprises of the Stickstack Shelf ($15), Zippak Stool ($20), X-Slot Table ($70) and the Telecomb Couch ($100) and was aimed at the urban nomads who regularly move around therefore choose cheaper furniture, typically IKEA. But while IKEA goods use materials of the permanent type; wood, metal and MDF,… Read more »

Compact Walk-In Wardrobe

This walk-in wardrobe created as a graduation project by Hosun Ching is absolutely perfect for girls with limited apartment space who want to take advantage of a smart, yet beautiful storage system. Ching explains how standard wardrobes, with a typical depth of 60cm is not practical: …it means that you literally lose sight of your clothing; and what you don\’t see, you don\’t wear. Walk-In Closet is a smart storage unit designed to solve this problem. It opens out into a mini-fitting room, complete with mirrors to view outfits from every angle. The focus is on organisation and visibility. There… Read more »

All in One: Sofa, Bed and Workstation

If you live in a small apartment, you’ll know how difficult it can be to arrange furniture without compromising living space. The brainchild of French design student Fanny Adam, this sofa bed could be your most functional furniture yet, as it features a workstation which can also double as a dining table. With plenty of storage beneath the seats, this ultimate sofa bed was designed to be a place for the user to work, rest, eat and sleep. Source via