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XTable, The Adjustable Ergonomic Desk

It’s often reported that sitting all day at work is bad for one’s health, with various sites claiming it will increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and ultimately shorten your life. A rather dark infographic highlighted that sitting for six hours or more a day will increase the risk of death by up to 40%. These reasons alone should be enough of a selling point for this adjustable desk named the XTable, designed by KiBiSi, a Danish design studio. The desk adjusts manually through the use of a mechanical hand crank, which in turn saves energy thus making it… Read more »

Awesome Dinnertable/TV Combo for Small Apartments

This awesome set-up was created by the Reddit user hankmarkdukas and he even shows how you can build a flip-top computer for your apartment. It beats just using your laptop on your knees and your going to get way more work done than using a silly little tablet. As one commenter on lifehacker mentioned – this could be a great combo unit for a small apartment. You flip it down for dinner then back up for gaming/work time. Check out the full build here: Via

Endless: The Most Eco-friendly Furniture Yet?

As we all become more aware of the environmental issues and impacts our actions make, we all strive to be a little more conscientious and eco-friendly as possible. One Dutch designer, Dirk Vander Koolj has taken this step further and has created a robot capable of creating pieces of furniture from parts of unwanted old electrical appliances that would normally sit in landfills. Vander Koolj reprogrammed an old robot to melt down unwanted plastics from refrigerators, washing machines and other white goods and then this melted plastic is remodelled into pieces of colourful and funky chairs through layering continuous threads of… Read more »