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Chouchou Table

We all want a table that will fit perfectly to our apartment and to our personality also. It is not always easy to find a piece of furniture that is perfect like that. Well, this Chouchou Table might be all that. This modern and unique table absorbs your personality, because you can put anything that represents you inside. The Chouchou table is made of a hard frame wrapped around with approximately 500 meters of a flexible string. It is really one of a kind. Because of its special structure it enables you to put all of your favorite objects inside…. Read more »

Minimalistic Minimato Table

This is the most minimalistic table we have ever seen. And the name of the table also shows that. This is ‘Minimato’ table, designed by young German designer Matthias Ferwagner. He designed this wood and metal side table for the Bavaria-based manufacturer Nils Holger Moormann. It was presented this year at “Salone del Mobile”, a furniture fair held every year in Milan, Italy. This side table is so simple that you have to love it. – To express it minimalistly: 5 bars, 1 table top, Assemble, Minimato – said the designer. And when you see the picture you know that… Read more »

Dressing Table By Florian Schmidt

Young designer Florian Schmid from London came up with this great and minimalistic design for a dressing table. His “C58 Dressing Table” contains of a circular mirror and a two legged table. The table has the left side of the mirror free, so you can see you full profile. The flat surface of the dressing table has a lots of space to display all your make up, perfumes or anything else you like to keep on your dressing table. It also has trays for small items like jewelry, lipstick or anything else. – Through the reflection of the object itself… Read more »

Eagle Wolf Orca’s Archipelago II Stone/Glass Table

This stunning table, created by designers Eagle Wolf Orca is called the Archipelago II and features the delicate arrangement of a piece of glass and stone. Explaining how smart methods of manufacturing have allowed them to create such works of art that paves the way for new forms is “an opposition to the intolerance of clean design, prejudice of simplicity and narrowness of mind” For more information on this table and other amazing pieces of work, check out Eagle Wolf Orca.

Awesome Table That Looks Like A Pool

The Contemporist found this this awesome looking table at the London Design Festival. Not really sure why you would want a coffee table that looks like a swimming pool… but it would  certainly be a conversation starter. Next up, you need to get some coffee cups that look like flotation devices. See more images here:

Beautifully Simple Bookmark Table For Bookworms

The Bookmark Table designed by Polish designer Pawel Grobelny will surely appeal to bookworms all over. Its simple yet understated design allows you to store a good selection of your favourite books and magazines at the base and the cut-out side will ‘bookmark’ any book you happen to be reading while you have a break and take another sip of your cappuccino (or hot chocolate in my case). Source via

This Table Is Perfect For Small Apartments– It’s Reversible

A great little gadget from Kutarq Studio – this is a reversible table which is designed for small apartments. One one side is an awesome looking coffee table. But flip it over and it’s a full size dining table. My only concern is that the legs kind of look a little awkward when its in coffee table mode. Oh and it’s 580 euros…eek which is nearly $750. I would prefer to just put that towards a bigger apartment Reversible Table by kutarq studio from Jordi Lopez on Vimeo.