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Innovative mobile sites in the gaming space

According to Search Engine Watch, mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage in the near future. It is also claimed that 67% of internet users are more likely to purchase from a website that is mobile-friendly. Despite this, the gambling industry has been extremely slow on the uptake in catching on to the opportunities available for those with a strong mobile offering. Bucking the trend is Gala Casino, who have recently launched a new mobile web app, built in HTML5. As a result, the experience is a more straightforward navigation and much faster load times. Recognised for… Read more »

The Power of Vacuums: How Have Cleaners Been Improved?

Since the very first vacuum cleaner saw its patent issued back in 1860, the suction technology has come a seriously long way. For one thing, these early sweeping devices demanded that their user pump by hand, to create the power necessary to clean a dirty floor. Somehow, somewhere, society has managed to take this crude 19th century invention and turn it into something incredibly powerful and versatile. Here, we’ll take a quick look at several ways in which vacuum cleaners have been improved. Power As many advances as there have been and will be in the world of vacuuming, there’s… Read more »

Tech support: the best 5 apps to help you decorate

We have come a long way with technology and, today, we can even use our smartphones to download some of the best design and decoration apps out there. They can be your personal assistants or design consultants during a renovation process. Check out the following list of apps and get your project started. 1. Design your room The app Mark on Call will help you create blueprints and design your dream room, without having to move your furniture around over and over again. It’s available for iOS. 2. Select colors If you want to paint your walls the same color… Read more »

No more keys! Open the main door with your iPhone

The simplest of all digital locks has finally arrived. We’re talking about the new Kevo door lock from Kwikset, which turns your iPhone into an easy digital key. The Kevo looks like a normal lock, although the fact that the halo of blue light around the keyhole gives it a futuristic touch. Imagine you’re arriving home and your phone is in your pocket or purse. You just need to tap the Kevo lock and you can get in. Simple as that! An app links your iPhone to the lock using Bluetooth and a location service: it’s great because you don’t need to waste 10… Read more »

Rail Robot: the new wonder gadget that can clean your window tracks

Do you realise how much time you lose cleaning that small space  in your window called rail tracks? It’s such a small space, but it seems like is never fully cleaned. You have to vacuum it to get most of the dirt and then, usually, you have to clean it with a cloth. Well, the solution for this problem is the beautifuly sleek new Rail Robot, a small vacuum with a brush designed by Chae Young Sam and Jeong Ming Yeong. It’s made for sliding window tracks and adapts perfectly, leaving nothing behind. The small robot even has a UV lamp it… Read more »

The most outrageously expensive gadgets for the home!

Every home owner wants to have luxury gadgets that make life more enjoyable, but how much would you be prepared to pay for a little luxury in your home?  A lot of choices are highly reliant on personal choice, and if you had the spare cash they could seem like wonderful gadgets to have around! The following post is brought to you by Finance Girl and features the most outrageously expensive gadgets for the home. Kitchen – Custom Made Cork Screw Delight your friends and family with the beautiful velvet lined box that this cork screw is stored in, although… Read more »

Sun Set Clock

You will never guess that this is a clock, but it really is! It is a unique wall clock that shows the exact time, the sun’s position in the sky, the moment of sunrise and sunset and the length of the day and the night. The sun is represented by a red dot that moves along the curve showing its position in the sky and the hour of the day indicated on the lower bar. Sounds so amazing! Designers are Andrea Ponsi and Alessandro Belli and it is produced in limited edition of 99 pieces. You don’t need a socket… Read more »

Microwave Popcorn Popper

It’s a movie night! You have some great movie ready, drinks are prepared, your honey is sitting next to you and now all you have to do is make some popcorn. Well, with this practical microwave popcorn popper, your popcorn will be ready in a minutes. You won’t make any mess because after popping some popcorn in the microwave, you can serve them right from this glass popcorn popper. Don’t worry, you can still add some butter. Butter melting lid allows you to melt butter or margarine into the corn as it is popping. Awesome, isn’t it? In less than… Read more »

Mummy Wrap Headphone Cord

We all hate when our headphone cord gets all tangled up when we leave it in our bag or in the pocket. It seems like the headphone wires have the life of their own! And the worst thing is – that happens all the time. Well, not anymore. Here comes The Mummy Wrap Headphone Cord Organizer by Bone Collection! It’s such a practical product and it’s used to store headphone wires so they don’t get tangled all the time. Mummy Wrap Headphone Cord is made from environmentally friendly silicone and it’s dirt resistant, so you can easily clean it with… Read more »