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Microwave Popcorn Popper

It’s a movie night! You have some great movie ready, drinks are prepared, your honey is sitting next to you and now all you have to do is make some popcorn. Well, with this practical microwave popcorn popper, your popcorn will be ready in a minutes. You won’t make any mess because after popping some popcorn in the microwave, you can serve them right from this glass popcorn popper. Don’t worry, you can still add some butter. Butter melting lid allows you to melt butter or margarine into the corn as it is popping. Awesome, isn’t it? In less than… Read more »

Missile-Shaped Blender

You may think it’s a missile, but don’t be afraid – it’s not. This is just a piece of modern kitchen appliance that you are all familiar with. Oh yes, this is the VITA hand blender designed by Luka Bassanese, young design student from Bled, Slovenia. Thanks to the compact and slim design, this sleek and attractive blender can help you save some space on your kitchen counters. Even though it small, it is very powerful, so it can still do everything that typical blenders do. VITA hand blender is equipped with multipurpose blade, so it’s perfect for chopping, crushing… Read more »

Birdie Tea Infuser

We all drink tea. Some of us drink it every day and some just when they are sick. But you drink it. Admit it! Is there anything more relaxing then a warm cup of some fruity tea? Of course not. And it is really healthy! So, all you need now is the cutest tea infuser ever – Birdie Swing. Wonderful bright colors (purple or lime) are just great and this cute bird is a perfect help for some old-school brewing. It’s so simple to use. Just fill the infuser with some loose tea and place it on a cup of… Read more »

Brew A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

If you just love your morning cup of French press coffee, then this is something you will definitely like. Guys at ThinkGeek invented this awesome kitchen cup called the minibru. Making coffee with this cup is so easy. You just have to fill the cup with coarsely ground coffee to the lower fill line and then pout in the hot water to the upper fill line. Allow two or three minutes for the brew to steep. After few minutes, insert the filter cylinder and press down slowly until your brew is completely filtered. And your freshly brewed cup of coffee… Read more »

Aqua Zinger

You have to drink enough water to stay healthy. That is something we hear every day. Well, that is not a problem anymore! You don’t have to be satisfied with old and boring plain water, because here comes the Aqua Zinger. Are you wondering what is that? It is a sleek water bottle equipped with a built-in fruit infuser. It is similar like a blender, but much better. Your water will be all natural because with Aqua Zinger mechanism you can avoid all the unwanted additives and sugars in your water – and it will still taste amazing! And also… Read more »

Spice Up Your Life

Look at these cute test tubes! Is there anything more perfect to keep your seasonings in it? No, of course not! This is so unique and awesome. These glass tubes come in sets of five. They have purple or lime silicone stoppers that will keep your herbs fresh and you will also get a wooden laboratory rack to hold them. Your kitchen will look like a chemistry lab! There are no names of the seasonings on the tubes, just labels with letters that sound little bit like the elements from the periodic table. You will get 36 easy-peel, re-usable herb… Read more »

Pancake Maker

Who wants some pancakes for breakfast?! Me, me, me! Or better to say – who doesn’t! With this cool kitchen appliance you can easily make two pancakes in just few minutes. It uses the perfect amount of batter every time, so that pancakes can be as tasty as possible. Just plug in the pancake maker, put the batter in and wait until the batter start to bubble. Close it, flip it and wait one more minute before you have to flip it back over. And that is all the work you have to do to have amazing pancakes. It can… Read more »

Fresh Herb Keeper

We all like to cook (and of course – eat) homemade food prepared with fresh herbs. It just tastes much better that way, don’t you agree? But, when we put our herbs in the refrigerator, they don’t really last so long. Well, there is a solution. For less then 16 dollars, you can buy a Fresh Herb Keeper. With this cool kitchen gadget you can extend the freshness of your herbs up to three times longer. It’s especially great for perishable leafy herbs such as basil, chives, cilantro, parsley and mint. And it’s really easy to use – simply swing… Read more »

Ball Kitchen Scale

Practical and super cute – this awesome kitchen scale will definitely fit in every kitchen! Designer is Radomir Shterev and the name of this cool kitchen gadget is simply the Ball. It is not hard to conclude why is it called that way – because of its playful look that resembles the ball. The design is really simple and minimalistic – it comes in two halves so top part can serve as a bowl for ingredients you have to measure and lower part of the ball is a weighing scale. So, you only have to remove the top lid to… Read more »