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Soda Dispenser

If you like to drink soda, this is something you have to have in your kitchen cabinet. The Jokari soda dispenser was developed using NASA technology and it is perfect to use on 2 liter bottles. It’s easy to use – simply screw on, shake and dispense. This way you can keep soda from going flat and soda can last for weeks. At least that is what they say on Amazon! The price is less then 10 dollars, so you can give it a try. In one packaging there are two soda dispensers. The Jokari soda dispenser comes in bright… Read more »

The Ultimate Cocktail Shaker

If you like to have parties at your home, then you have to buy some kind of cocktail shaker. Just to shake things up! Drinks are really easy to make and people love that. Martinis, Manhattans, Margaritas – whatever you want! We want to introduce you with the ultimate cocktail shaker! This shaker is called ‘The MasterMixer’ and it’s completely digital. How cool is that? You can make all kind of drinks just by using this shaker and your smartphone. You just have to select a drink you want to make and the smartphone app wirelessly connects to the mixer… Read more »

3 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets For Tiny Apartments

If you have ever lived in a tiny apartment, you know that kitchen space is rare. If you want space for your blender, toaster, steamer, rice cooker; then you will need to choose gadgets that are multi-purpose and have a small sideboard footprint as possible. Here are 3 gadgets that are prefect for tiny apartments: 1. Dish Rack for Tiny Apartments This dish rack can hold plates, silverware and cups as can even store flat when not in use. Perfect for the even the tiniest of apartments. Sadly it’s not yet on sale Source 2. The Ultimate Steamer Steaming food… Read more »

A Blender That Looks Like a Diamond

Every apartment dweller needs a blender and now thanks to Yanko Design, we can have something that looks freaking awesome. If you have not got a blender then your missing out on all the amazing smoothies, soups and sauces you can easily put together with the touch of a button. In, fact we are so blender mad here at Apartment Geeks that we are planning to put together a selection of our top “blender recipes” in a future blog post.  Watch this space! “It shines bright like a diamond!” See more here:

Egg and Toast, 2 in 1 Toaster

Wow. This has to be the first time I’ve purchased a kitchen gadget online on a whim, seriously. Obviously, I did the prudent price checking first, but I believe this nifty toast and egg toaster will change my life mornings. Featuring wide slots to toast your favourite bread, muffin or bagel to perfection (it has 8 toast settings), you can poach, boil or even scramble an egg to accompany it! The detachable stream tray can be exchanged to warm up slices of meat if you so wish. Being limited to cooking one egg is its only downside. Check it out… Read more »

Ninja: The Only Cooking System You Will Ever Need

If you’re into practical kitchenware and love making tasty food as simply as possible, then the Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System may be your perfect kitchen companion. With this ninja cooker, you can steam roast, bake, sear, slow cook, simmer and saute your dishes. It also comes with a 150 recipe book in case you’re ever stuck wondering what to cook for dinner, amongst a silicon muffin tray and much more. The best feature for me personally, is the one cook system means there is little to wash! For more information, check out the full description here.  

Finally make your own hot dogs from hamburger meat

So your having another lonely night in your apartment and you got loads of hamburger meat…but you really desire a hot dog. Now, thanks to the detective work of Mark Frauenfelder at BoingBoing you can convert that hamburger meat to hot dog via the Ham Dogger. At $6.94, can you afford to be without a hot dog this Halloween? Read the full article: