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Tech support: the best 5 apps to help you decorate

We have come a long way with technology and, today, we can even use our smartphones to download some of the best design and decoration apps out there. They can be your personal assistants or design consultants during a renovation process. Check out the following list of apps and get your project started. 1. Design your room The app Mark on Call will help you create blueprints and design your dream room, without having to move your furniture around over and over again. It’s available for iOS. 2. Select colors If you want to paint your walls the same color… Read more »

No more keys! Open the main door with your iPhone

The simplest of all digital locks has finally arrived. We’re talking about the new Kevo door lock from Kwikset, which turns your iPhone into an easy digital key. The Kevo looks like a normal lock, although the fact that the halo of blue light around the keyhole gives it a futuristic touch. Imagine you’re arriving home and your phone is in your pocket or purse. You just need to tap the Kevo lock and you can get in. Simple as that! An app links your iPhone to the lock using Bluetooth and a location service: it’s great because you don’t need to waste 10… Read more »

Rail Robot: the new wonder gadget that can clean your window tracks

Do you realise how much time you lose cleaning that small space  in your window called rail tracks? It’s such a small space, but it seems like is never fully cleaned. You have to vacuum it to get most of the dirt and then, usually, you have to clean it with a cloth. Well, the solution for this problem is the beautifuly sleek new Rail Robot, a small vacuum with a brush designed by Chae Young Sam and Jeong Ming Yeong. It’s made for sliding window tracks and adapts perfectly, leaving nothing behind. The small robot even has a UV lamp it… Read more »

10 Brilliant Waterproof iPhone 5 Cases

For those who simply cannot function without their phones by their side for more than a few minutes, take a look at this selection of waterproof cases and covers specially designed for the iPhone 5. It would have been great to have carried a waterproof case with me during mine and Danny’s attempt at the Tough Mudder 10 mile race back in November. Gadget Review has reviewed some of the best waterproof casings, some of which are fully waterproof even when submerged deep underwater while others are water repellent. My favourite case (pictured above) is the LifeProof Fre iPhone 5… Read more »

5 Kindle Paperwhite Covers That Don’t Suck

This year I bought Julie a cover for her Kindle Paperwhite (it’s awesome as she can now use it in the dark) and I did a lot of research to find the perfect Kindle Paperwhite cover. I have personally hand-picked a selection of 5 covers that will hopefully cover both style, protection and budget concerns. I would always recommend going for a hard case as last year I learnt the hard way what sitting on your soft case protected Kindle Paperwhite can do. 1. Pad and Quill Kindle Cover Back when I owned, I received a sample Pad and… Read more »

Reduce Your Heating Bill with An iPhone App Tado°

One of the biggest problems we have with our apartment is trying to find the perfect temperature. We need it comfortably warm but don’t want to waste money heating the place when we are not there. Sadly a timing system doesn’t work as we both work really random hours. The Tado° is a new iPhone app that allows you to control the thermostat from just a swipe of your phone. One of the best things is that the system will automatically detect when the last person leaves the house and will turn the heating down accordingly. Let’s hope they bring… Read more »

5 Novelty Phone Chargers

If you fed up with just plugging your Phone in each night then you should check out the following novelty phone chargers collected by My personal favourite is the Bobine iPhone charger as you can you twist it so that it looks like it is floating in mid air. This is perfect when you’re cooking and want to quickly check a recipe every so often.

24 Ways to Brighten Up Your Apartment

When you’re renting and apartment, it’s often the case that there’s restrictions to what you can and cannot change. More often than not, you’re pretty limited but this article by shows 24 beautifully creative ways to transform any room in your apartment. However small your space, by employing simple yet effective storage solutions you can make any apartment more of a home.

WiFi Powered Lightbulbs Are Real! Full Review from Gizmodo

Have you ever woke up in the night and tried to go to the toilet but ended up busting your toe? Sadly this is a very common problem for me… and the following awesome gadget could be the fix. Using wifi light bulbs means you can switch on the bathroom light from just  quick swipe of your phone without ever leaving your bed. There are many other eco/security benefits but I really like the idea of pranking the people you live with when you are thousands of miles away. I imagine that once these bulbs become common the amount of… Read more »