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The Ultimate DIY Guide to an Energy Efficient Home [Infographic]

Being green is not the only thing you need to consider when going energy efficient, you also want to make sure you are saving money. Did you know that turning off devices on stand-by, could save you an estimated €1560 each year on your energy bills? Think of what you could do with that… The following guide from Heiton Buckley shows just how you can turn your green home into a money-saving kingdom – from heating specific rooms instead of the whole house to making sure your fridge is fully stocked to avoid the fridge having to over-work on chilling empty space. Do… Read more »

Tips for Apartment Gardening

One of the advantages of apartment living is that you don’t have a yard to take care of. Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages is that you don’t have a yard for gardening. Although that last part is not exactly true because you can actually start a garden in your apartment. Gardening with a balcony If you have a balcony, or similar outdoor space, then you already have most of what you need for a great apartment garden. Even if it’s a tiny space, you can grow a variety of food crops in containers including: ·  Squash ·  Peppers ·  Tomatoes… Read more »

Maintaining your shared garden

Difficult economic times and the increased disconnect between people has led many individuals and families to take a greater interest in community gardens.  Community gardens, as defined by the American Community Garden Association, are any garden that is cultivated and maintained by a group of people. Community gardens have become very popular in urban areas, bringing neighborhoods together and creating a natural oasis in the city landscape.  More and more suburban and rural communities are beginning to embrace the shared-garden concept, with many apartment complexes encouraging residents to cultivate flowers, vegetables and herbs.  Whether the community garden is a large,… Read more »

12 Indoor Plants You Can’t Kill

Bromeliad Plant mod

Do you love plants, but can’t seem to master the art of survival? Well, we are obviously talking about the survival of the plants, not yours. If the answer is ‘yes’, then read this. Keeping a plant alive for a long period of time can be a hard task, especially if you live in an apartment. Nevertheless, if you love a pop of green in your shack, one of these 12 highly resistant indoor plants can be your little miracle of 2014. 1. Sanserveria cylindria This succulent plant, similar to aloe vera, is perfect for any indoor locations and extremely… Read more »

Common Energy Myths Busted

Whether the subject is the cost of energy in a turbulent economy, renewable energy as the supply of fossil fuels continues to dwindle or protests against ‘fracking\’ as the government looks to alternative solutions, energy is constantly in the headlines. While all of the above already do or eventually will affect us all, the one which universally affects us on a personal level is the cost of energy. As the need to save energy increases among both homes and businesses, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to save energy and keep bills to a minimum. However, a fair… Read more »

Decorating ideas with lavender for 7 different styles

Plants are one of the most ancient “tricks” used to properly decorate a home. And, today, lavender is a true star present in so many homes, mainly because of its beautiful color and nice smell. You too can decorate your apartment with this plant, adapting it to your individual decorating style. We gathered some great ideas that you can use to make your home even more interesting and complete. 1. Classic style 2. Industrial style 3. Organic style 4. Creative style 5. Romantic and soft style 6. Rustic style 7. Vintage style

Living Pots: the perfect solution for the green urban gardener

With a minimal number of parts that are super easy to assemble, the Hakan Gürsu’s Living Pots are a great idea for people who want to plant their own flowers or even mushrooms without having to dispense a lot of space. It’s the perfect planter for the city gardener! And the Living Pots better feature is that they are composed of 100% recyclable and reused wood and metal, using lumber scraps that would be burned otherwise. If you’re curious, you can find out more about the creators of this product here and learn how to assemble a Living Pot with this… Read more »

Grow herbs inside with the Hydroponic Planter

Do you keep asking yourself why are your indoor plants always shrivel? The ‘why’ is not important, but here’s a solution: the Hydroponic Planter from Modern Sprout. These great hydroponic planter boxes are super stylish and simple to use, as they allow you to grow organic plant life indoors with a huge rate of success. This way, you can always have fragrant herbs to season your meal or beautiful flowers to garnish your table. The hydroponic planters are self-sustaining and you can place them on your windowsill, since they small enough to fit even in a petite window. However, they can grow respectable… Read more »