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Showering with style and environmental awareness with the Sshower

Coming home at the end of a busy day and taking a shower is one of the best things in life. It’s supposed to be that moment that helps us relax. But, how can we do that with a guilty conscience, when we usually spend so much unnecessary water? The environmental advantages can be one of your excuses to get a Sshower, the ultimate shower designed for Roca by Marco Antonio Esquiró San Román. Or you can just admit you want one of these because it’s super cool. The Sshower has sensors that can detect when you’re under the shower… Read more »

Why are all my indoor plants dying?

People usually think it’s super easy to have indoor plants. Well, it’s easy to buy them, but it’s not easy to maintain them healthy and vigorous. This happens because most people don’t know there are five sacred rules one must follow to help our green friends survive. The first rule is get to know your watering schedule. You can’t just decide to water your plants once a week and pray for a green color and a vigorous look. Check how you should be watering your plants using Google and adapting the schedule to the lighting and humidity level available in… Read more »

The basic rules to make your apartment more “green”

We’re not talking about painting your apartment, of course! We’re talking about being more environmentally friendly and adopting a batch of simple eco rules. First thing to do: recycle, recycle and recycle a little bit more. Separate your garbage and don’t use the “but my building doesn’t have recycling services” excuse. Ask your landlord for a recycling bin, he can’t say no to a noble cause like this one. It’s also important to use saving light bulbs, the eco-friendly kind. This way, you can save a lot of energy and save money. They might cost more in the beginning, but they are… Read more »

The best free apps to make your garden blossom

Do you love gardening, but some details slip through your mind once in a while? Then, it’s time to download some of these free apps we are about to show you. Trust us, they will help you a lot and your veggies and flowers will thank you. 1. Garden Time Planner Available for iOS and Android. This app is perfect because it warns gardeners about the right times to plant, transplant, sow or harvest vegetables and herbs according to the region you live in. Link iOS and link Android 2. Garden Design Ideas Available for Android. This is the ideal app to… Read more »

Catch the power of the sun at home and take it anywhere with the Window Socket

What a nice idea! This Window Socket allows its users to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without having to spend a lot of cash in huge panels. It’s a great direct solution to use the power of the sun and all you need to do is place the plug-in in the right spot. Besides, the design from Kyuho Song & Boa Oh is really nice. Just attach it to any window in your apartment and catch solar energy that will then be converted into electric energy thanks to a converter. And the best is that when the device is fully… Read more »

8 good ideas to organize your gardening tools and supplies

If you’re an inveterate gardener, but lack talent for organizing your materials, you came to the right place. Follow the next quick and cheap tips and change the way you practice your favorite hobby. Tip 1 Do you have a lot of tools and supplies and no space? Then, hang them up against the wall. There are several ways to do it! The easier one is to hang them on peg rails or a trellis, but you can also build or buy a wall organizer or a pegboard. Tip 2 Is there an old cart lost in your garage that you… Read more »

Gardeners and cooks: here’s the Hanging Herb Garden

Great ideas don’t always come in large packages. Actually, this one comes in small cloth pockets. We’re talking about the hanging herb garden, the new smart and cheap way of having fresh herbs every day without spending huge amounts of money at the supermarket or in gardening utensils. Take a look at this idea published by theKitchn. It’s such a smart idea we’re surprised no one thought of this before. The hanging herb garden is perfect for small places or apartments with lots of dwellers. It doesn’t occupy any useful space and it’s great to upgrade your cooking to the… Read more »

10 Best Indoor Plants for your Apartment

If you like gardening, but don’t have a garden, don’t worry – you still can have some beautiful plants in your apartment. We have wrote the ultimate list of best indoor plants for your apartment. They all need low to moderate levels of light and water, so you don’t have to worry will they survive. Don’t think twice about getting some nice plant for your apartment – indoor plants can make your space look nicer, they will clean the air and make you feel better. Here is the list of ten indoor house plants that anyone can keep alive. Yes… Read more »

The Flower Tower

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony in your apartment, then we have something that you will certainly like. It’s a flower tower and it will make your balcony looks like a million dollars! There are floor standing versions and also a wall mounted ones, so you can pick the one that suits you better. This flower tower is so amazing – it grows gorgeous blooms quickly and evenly from all sides. It is so simple and it looks really lovely! Flower tower is manufactured in UK from recycled material and it is three feet tall in full… Read more »