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10 Best Indoor Plants for your Apartment

If you like gardening, but don’t have a garden, don’t worry – you still can have some beautiful plants in your apartment. We have wrote the ultimate list of best indoor plants for your apartment. They all need low to moderate levels of light and water, so you don’t have to worry will they survive. Don’t think twice about getting some nice plant for your apartment – indoor plants can make your space look nicer, they will clean the air and make you feel better. Here is the list of ten indoor house plants that anyone can keep alive. Yes… Read more »

The Flower Tower

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony in your apartment, then we have something that you will certainly like. It’s a flower tower and it will make your balcony looks like a million dollars! There are floor standing versions and also a wall mounted ones, so you can pick the one that suits you better. This flower tower is so amazing – it grows gorgeous blooms quickly and evenly from all sides. It is so simple and it looks really lovely! Flower tower is manufactured in UK from recycled material and it is three feet tall in full… Read more »

Re-feed – Instant Liquid Fertiliser For Plants

This instant fertiliser for plants, created by Fanny Menilsson turns your organic food waste into food to feed your plants. On her website, she explains how high-rise apartment living in London and the apparent lack of food waste infrastructure inspired her to develop this system and says Re-feed “provides a simple alternative to sending waste to landfill or composting”. It’s perfect for apartment dwellers who want to do their bit for the environment whilst providing an innovative and handy way to feed their plants. As Re-feed liquid fertilizer uses rechargeable batteries, it is highly portable and can be used in… Read more »

10 “Air Purifier” House Plants

Did you know that plants can actually clean the air in your home? Whilst air purifiers can be great at removing large particles like pollen, plants can do a great job of removing toxic chemicals that are common in many new apartment buildings. The Evidence 1. NASA 1989 – Back in 1989, NASA looked into using plans to purify air and below they ranked the following 10 plants on how much toxins they could remove from the air. Source 2. Interior Plant Study 1996 – Dr Wolverton found that in a room with plants versus a room without plants –… Read more »

Sewing Machine Planter – Recycling Just Got Hip

I love nothing better than creative reuse of old and neglected objects and here, The Poor Porker (run by Robin and Jarrid) have shown what is possible with a little bit of love and ingenuity. They have an interesting back story which I encourage you to watch where they explain how they take “whatever we have in front of us and utilising it to the best of our abilities” – and what a great philosophy to live by. The Poor Porker is a popular little cafe stand in Lakeland, Florida selling freshly fried beignets and more recently recycling unloved objects into… Read more »

Purpil Basil – 5 Reasons You Should Grow it in Your Apartment

Purple basil doesn’t get the same attention as it’s green cousin but it should. One great reason is that purple basil is actually easier to grow and needs less care and attention than the green variety. Which can be a major issue for apartment dwellers who work long hours. I have often had my green basil die on me, only to find the purple variety has survived. Check out my 6 tips for choosing purple basil for your apartment: It’s colour is awesome and can really work well with dishes with cream. The pesto is the “best I have ever… Read more »

Click and Grow– Growing Apartment Plants Just Got Easy

I love plants in my apartment… I love fresh basil and the sight of my bonsai every morning. But I have a major problem… I get lazy and forget to water or over water and they die I have seen some options such as aeroponics but nothing has come close to ease of growing as the Click and Grow process seen again at Yanko Design. All you do is fill up the pod with water and add 4 AA batteries and then sit back and watch your plant grow. We last covered the click and grow back in November when… Read more »

Awesome Indoor Planters for Apartment Dwellers

Unless your apartment has a verandah or an accessible outdoor area suitable for planting, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re limited when it comes to planting. Home Chunk however showcases a great selection of indoor planters from Boskke’s upside down Sky Planters to my favourite of the lot, the Greenbook Library by Nautinox Living, showing that even the most extreme urbanites can surround and immerse themselves in greenery.

Ugly Christmas Tree– One Two Tree

I’m a bit traditional when it comes to Christmas so this tree from One Two Tree is not really for me. It has 26 branches which you can adjust top fit it any space. Personally I think it misses the point of having an oversized firn getting in the way. I just think that having a real tree is way more festive… but maybe you might like? See more pics and details here: