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12 Awesome Beds in Tiny Spaces

Bed in The Air in a small apartment

Do you live in a tiny apartment? You’re looking to create more space, but have no ideas? When square footage is tights, you’ve got to use your imagination to create functional living space without clutter. One of the biggest challenges is where to place large furniture that you cannot live without, such as the bed. From classic loft beds to stunning bed designs suspended from the ceiling, there is no shortage of smart solutions that can maximize your living space. To get you inspired, here are 12 awesome ideas where to put a bed in a tiny room! 1. Bed… Read more »

10 Strange Looking yet Awesome Home Flooring

Glass Floor

Most floors are pretty unimaginative, plain and boring. They are similar in most apartments and houses. But, some home owners just have to be different. And that’s good, or we wouldn’t have pictures like these! Here is a selection of cool floors which will amaze you! 1. Rubic’s Toilet Flooring Colorful and creative! This cool flooring will make everyone jealous and all your friends will want a bathroom like this one! Source 2. Pennies Flooring Do you collect pennies? Here is a great way to use them creatively and show them to everyone! Looks awesome, right? If you don’t feel… Read more »

15 Apartment Space Saving Ideas

The cost of living in an urban city means we often have less space to play with than our suburban friends. Thankfully designers have found awesome ways to make better use of the space we have. Check out the 15 examples to make sure that you don’t waste any space in your apartment. 1. Stair Storage These awesome drawers are part of a New York studio apartment project by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture and was completed in 2009. 2. Drawer Gym This home fitness cupboard is part of a set of furniture created by the designer Lucie Koldova in 2009…. Read more »

15 Comfiest Couches on Earth

Living room is probably the place at home where you spend most of your time. Because of that, we all want to have comfortable couches! So, look at these 15 comfiest couches on Earth and tell us which one is your favorite? 1. The Cuddle Couch Who wouldn’t like to have an awesome cuddle couch in their living room! This is actually a home theater chair and its stylish seating is great for relaxing with your favorite movie, TV show or a book. Source 2. Wine Rack Couch World would be a cleaner place if all things could be made… Read more »

20 Creative College Apartment Decor Ideas

Art Lover's Room mod

Remember your old days as a college kid? Small bedrooms, crowded studios and smelly rooms. No decor, just some random furniture thrown around. All you did was studying anyway (yeah, right…). We take a look at the current interior designs that are making a success among college students and let us give you a small heads up: kids have become better at it. The decor in these rooms might rekindle some memories or maybe even cause some envy. 1. Super space saving decor There’s a lot of storage space and it’s still super comfortable and spacious. The perfect design for a… Read more »

25 Craziest Things Seen From Apartments

I once saw someone getting robbed from my 12th floor apartment but that seems tame compared to the 25 examples below. Be sure to shout if you have seen anything weirder in the comments below. 1. Helly Crash! 2. Fountain outside My Apartment

A guide to organising your wardrobe [Infographic]

Do you find yourself spending every morning rummaging through your wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear and where everything is? If so, it’s time to organise your wardrobe and make the most of your clothes. This infographic was created in partnership with and the infographic design agency – Neo Mammalian Studios. Do you find yourself spending every morning rummaging through your wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear and where everything is? If so, it’s time to organise your wardrobe and make the most of your clothes. Find your system A recognisable system means your clothes… Read more »

9 Awesome Tiny Apartments

Whilst most of us choose to live in decent sized spaces it can be really useful look at how designs work for tiny spaces. When size is a restriction it forces us to really think about usability and what we really need. Hopefully this selection of 9 awesome tiny apartments will give you ideas/tips for how to improve your space usage in your apartment. 1. Studio/Loft Apartment Living in a studio apartment can work if you are creative with how you use your space. I really love the use of an extra floor for the sleeping area and the space… Read more »