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  1. Coco

    There is an article under “The best (and cheapest) design tips for rented apartment”, a great tip on making your kitchen/bath look wider by installing mirrored backsplash with a photo.
    Can you please tell me where I can find the mirror/tiles?

    Thank you!
    C. McCarthy

  2. Georgia Davies

    Hi There,
    After having a read through your blog yesterday I though it may be worth my while getting in touch with you about a content piece I’ve created called the “The Space Savers Encyclopedia”
    We’ve basically created a bit of an all in one inforgraphic piece that covers dealing with clutter, quirky storage solutions, space saving gadgets and even a section on converting your loft space.
    You can view the graphic here:

    We hope you love it enough to republish it on the site, we’ve added some easy embed codes which you can just copy and paste in to add it on a page. Also if you have any feedback or comments that would also be very helpful.
    All the Best,


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