Five Low Maintenance Pets Perfect For Your Apartment

You are a big animal lower, but you have a small apartment so you think you can’t have pets? Well, you can’t be more wrong! There are lots of low-maintenance pets suitable for apartments, even the smallest ones! We give you five easy pets to have – just pick one you like the most!


  • Goldfish

Goldfish are one of easiest pets to care about and it’s not coincidence that they are called the classic lazy man’s pet. They take up a limited amount of space, you have to clean their tank once a week and they only need to be fed once a day. Fish are also one of the most decorative pets to have in the apartment because their aquarium can usually enhance the looks of any space. Put in a couple of accessories such as fake corals, castles and other decorations and it will look great. Plus, fish food is really inexpensive and long lasting – what more do you need?! Well, there is also one negative side of a fish pet – you can’t really play with them or interact with them at all.


  • Cat

Unlike a dog, cats don’t need to be taken outside to do their business — owner only needs to change their litter every day or every second day. That is the best part of having a cat instead of a dog. Even though some would think different, cats really like to cuddle and it’s nice to have them. The negative side is an increased risk of damage to your precious furniture. They have a natural urge to file their claws somewhere. But, if you are a patient human being, that won’t be a problem, because you can train them to scratch on some special places, instead of the couch. One thing to remember – if you have problems with allergies, forget about cats and move on!


  • Birds

Birds are a perfect pet. They can be kept in a cage and they don’t really eat much. If you buy some nice cage and colorful bird, it can also fit perfectly into your apartment design. Plus, maybe you get some free music from time to time.

  • Hamsters

These furry creatures will capture your heart forever! Hamsters are small, they live in a cage, eat a little and they don’t make any noise. You can even leave them alone for couple of days, they won’t mind. They keep their food hidden somewhere in the cage, so they will never be hungry! You have to clean their cage once a week and that is all the maintenance they need. Best part is that you can cuddle them and play with them! You can choose from different breeds, so be sure to console first with a salesman, to see what kind of hamster fits you best.


  • Guinea pig

Who wouldn’t like to have this fluffy and adorable friend? They are bigger then hamsters, so they are more cuddly, if that is important to you. Guinea pigs are also really intelligent, so if you are patient enough, you can even teach them simple tricks.

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