Keep your coffee at the perfect temperature with Coffee Joulies


Coffee may not be everyone’s cup of tea :D.. but these interestingly named Coffee Joulies can help cool your drink down and maintain the temperature for the remainder of your drink. Originally a KickStarter funded project, this funky product is sold on most major online stores. The concept is simple: your coffee (or any other hot drink) is too hot for consumption. Drop in a few Joulies. These stainless steel Joulies contain a substance which melts at 140F (around 60C), absorb the heat releasing it back out slowly to keep the liquid at the optimum temperature.

A site has inferred that Joulies are not as effective as claimed, and offer several scientific explanations as to the reasons why. Well worth a read. However, it seems that if you’re using Joulies in a thermal cup and like your hot drinks at 140C then you should check these out.

Via CoffeeJoulies and ThinkGeek

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