Purpil Basil – 5 Reasons You Should Grow it in Your Apartment


Purple basil doesn’t get the same attention as it’s green cousin but it should.

One great reason is that purple basil is actually easier to grow and needs less care and attention than the green variety. Which can be a major issue for apartment dwellers who work long hours.

I have often had my green basil die on me, only to find the purple variety has survived.

Check out my 6 tips for choosing purple basil for your apartment:

  1. It’s colour is awesome and can really work well with dishes with cream.
  2. The pesto is the “best I have ever tasted!”
  3. Add the purple pesto to white wine vinegar, it will turn burgundy and can make a great gift.
  4. Make Purple basil sorbet – looks v.interesting at a dinner table or add to gazpacho soup.
  5. Add to salads for extra depth and combine with yellow tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.
  6. Purple basil looks great on a window sill or kitchen top and smells awesome

Tips for growing purple basil

  • Only water when the soil has dried out.
  • When you harvest it, make sure you only take leaves from the top of the plant so the rest of the plant can grow and you can continue your supply.
  • Try to combine purple basil with tomatoes so you can easily use them together with salads.
  • Never refrigerate cut basil – just add the sprigs cool water and out of sunlight.

So next time your looking for your next apartment herb make sure it’s this purple variety. I am hoping someone like click and grow starts to add this particular basil to their choice of options.

Have you tasted purple basil? Any more tips for how to use it in cooking? Give me a shout in the comments below.

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