Showering with style and environmental awareness with the Sshower


Coming home at the end of a busy day and taking a shower is one of the best things in life. It’s supposed to be that moment that helps us relax. But, how can we do that with a guilty conscience, when we usually spend so much unnecessary water?


The environmental advantages can be one of your excuses to get a Sshower, the ultimate shower designed for Roca by Marco Antonio Esquiró San Román. Or you can just admit you want one of these because it’s super cool.

The Sshower has sensors that can detect when you’re under the shower and turn the water on when you really need. And what about if I get cold while I’m washing my hair? Well, the Sshower produces hot steam while you don’t need water. That way, you can stay warm and help to save the environment at the same time.

And… wait, what?! You can also get the basic information to start your day, such as the weather forecast or the stock prices, and listen to your favourite song. The Sshower, which is also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ready, can provide all this and so much more.





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