Tips to keep your fridge fresh, clean and organized


Go to the kitchen and open your fridge. Can you honestly say that it’s organized and clean? Well, if the answer is ‘no’, rest assured because we have great tips to help you optimize the space in your fridge.

Over the next few lines, you’ll learn how to properly store items to keep them fresh. This way, you’ll be able to avoid mold and odors.

1. Leave your dairy in the original containers


If you move the products to another container, they can leave awful odors in these objects.

2. Divide leftovers in separate containers


This way, they will cool faster. Also, remember that you must refrigerate your the leftover within two hours of cooking.

3. Keep meat, fish and poultry in the store wrapping

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Keeping the meat, the fish and the poultry properly wrapped is the way to avoid exposure to harmful bacteria. Just be aware of how many days each kind of food can stay in the fridge.

4. Keep the fruit and vegetables in a drawer


The fridge drawers are the best place to keep your fruit and vegetables. Just be aware that vegetables require more humidity and fruits require less humidity.

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