10 Amazing Attic Apartments

Attic apartments are definitely something special, don’t you agree? There is nothing above you, just the roof and blue sky! We bring you ten most amazing attic apartments. Enjoy the pictures!

1. Attic Penthouse in Stockholm
Attic Penthouse in Stockholm

This is just the small part of a duplex attic penthouse located in beautiful Stockholm. It’s modern and neat, with lots of light. Wouldn’t be great to call something awesome like this your home?


2. Attic Apartment in Spain
Attic Apartment in Spain

This apartment is a perfect example how to use the space in attic apartments to the maximum. It looks nice and charming. Little details from flea markets are making it even more enchanting!


3. Scandinavian Attic Apartment
Scandinavian Attic Apartment

Hands up if you want to live here! I am pretty sure that all the hands are up! Just look at this amazing place. And the view is just stunning!


4. Charming Attic Room
Charming Attic Room

Lots of people would say they hate attic apartments. Not so much space to put your furniture inside, it has dark rooms, you can bang your head on the ceiling…. so many reasons. But, when you see a room like this one, don’t you want to change your mind? It’s so charming!


5. Renovated Apartment in Prague

Renovated Apartment in Prague

If you think that attic apartments are dark and cramped, this beautiful apartment in Prague will show you that you are 100 percent wrong! Skylights and windows keep the attic space super bright, with lots of daylight. Grey color is the main theme here and it’s giving this apartment modern vibe.


6. Shabby Chic Apartment
Shabby Chic Apartment

This wonderful attic apartment with shabby chic details is just amazing. Everything just looks great together and those bookshelves are perfect!


7. Swedish Attic Apartment
Swedish Attic Apartment

Ok, now is getting obvious – Sweden has most amazing attic apartments in the world! Just look at this one. Everything together looks fabulous, but the lighting gives it a special charm.


8. Attic Apartment in Gothenburg
Attic Apartment in Gothenburg

Did you always think that attic apartments are small and that they are not build for tall people? Look at this one and think again! This amazing apartment in Gothenburg is located on a 6th floor – it guarantees you a perfect view!


9. Open Concept Attic Apartment
Open Concept Attic Apartment

This small apartment in Stockholm feels like a penthouse, don’t you agree? Open concept design gives us impression that it’s bigger than it actually is.


10.Chic Attic Apartment in Sweden
Chic Attic Apartment in Sweden

These exposed beams make this apartment really special and interesting. It looks really inviting with all those bright colors. Wonderful place to live in!


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