10 Awesome Kindle Fire Covers and Cases

With the Amazon Kindle accounting for nearly 22% of all tablet sales there will be a lot of people looking to protect their investment/awesome Christmas gift.

When it comes to the cases for the Kindle, I am a little bit of an expert as I used to run KindleCases.net until Amazon.com pried it from my fingers (long-story)

Anyway, when it comes to the Kindle Fire, you really want a case to include a stand – so you can watch stuff – unlike the normal kindle that you hold in one hand whilst reading.

Protection is still a concern with the Kindle Fire but it’s likely that it can take a few more knocks to the screen than the average e-ink Kindle.

Here is the top 10 kindle fire cover and cases currently available to buy in 2013:

1. Pad and Quill – Kindle Fire Case


Yes, I’m obsessed. No I don’t care what you think! Sadly has no stand… Sad smile


2. Marware Folio Case Cover


Great protection via the polycarbonate back piece and works great as a stand.


3. KleverCase Kindle Fire Case


Lookss like a book and is custom made for the Kindle Fire. Sadly no stand Sad smile


4. M Edge Custom Design


For $40 you can design your own case for your Kindle Fire – Awesome!


5. Kindle Otter Box Case


The ultimate level of protection with the $70 defender series case from Otterbox.


6. Fintie Slim Fit Kindle Fire Case


At just under $16 this case is awesome for those on a budget.


7. MoKo Slim Kindle Fire Cover


Another budget friendly case that comes with both a stand and strap to hold your Kindle in your hand.


9. Finiti Kindle Fire Case – Magnetic Shell Case


If you are looking for something similar to the smart case seen on iPad’s then take a gander at this case.


10. Oberon Design Kindle Fire Case


At $64 these amazing looking cases from Oberon are not cheap but if your already paying $200 for a tablet then why not spend a little more to protect it?


Feel free to leave any Kindle Fire case suggestions in the comments below and if they are awesome I will add them to the list.

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